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Chapter 673: 673

Some truths weren’t meant to be explicitly pointed out!

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 Grand Secretary Fang cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “That’s not something you should be concerned with . The physical tryout will most likely take place in Seclusion Wasteland . Try to get used to the climate before the exam starts .

 “Now, if you don’t have anything else to tell me, go back home and get on with your cultivation . ” Grand Secretary Fang sent Feng Wu on her way .

 Proud Snowfield was way too dangerous and he would never put the kid in such a perilous situation!

 Moreover, even the actual students of the college were confined to the outer regions, whereas that Snowy Night Ice Beast resided deep in the center of the snowfield . If the physical tryout was held in that location, he had no doubt that the dauntless kid would go right in!

 Feng Wu left the Fang manor, rubbing her nose all the way .

 But she still didn’t want to give up .

 Normally, Proud Snowfield only opened once a year; who knew when it would open again if the tryout wasn’t held there . Plus —

 Feng Wu wanted to complete the formation as soon as possible .

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 That way, not only herself, but all her family members would be able to cultivate more efficiently .

 After all, the Zuo family was on to her now!

 What did she have to do to get Proud Snowfield chosen for the physical tryout?

 Jun Linyuan was the first person who came to Feng Wu’s mind .

 1One word from Jun Linyuan and her problem would be solved . However… Feng Wu shook her head at the thought of going to Jun Linyuan for help . No .

 Was there another option? Feng Wu then thought of Yu Mingye .

 The guy acted like a goofball, but when he put his mind to it, he turned out to be very well-connected . He had certainly demonstrated his capability in getting Feng Yanfeng that job .

 Hence, Feng Wu went to Yu Mingye .

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 “Proud Snowfield?”

 Yu Mingye wasn’t there when Feng Wu arrived . Elder One greeted her .

 When he asked what it was about, Feng Wu told him her request .

 Feng Wu asked, “Is it possible? To pick Proud Snowfield?”

 Elder One gave it some thought, then smiled at her . “Miss Feng Wu, you’ve always been a lucky girl . I’m sure your wish will be granted in the end . ”

 “Thank you, sir . ” Feng Wu smiled .

 “You’re welcome . If you do want to thank us, please come and visit our young master more often,” said Elder One earnestly . “He talks about you all the time . ”

 Feng Wu said, “Of course . ”

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 She left after that and got back on her carriage .

 “Miss?” Seeing that Feng Wu was lost in her thoughts, Qiuling raised her voice a little .

 Feng Wu came back to herself . “Let’s go to Northern Feng Mansion now . ”

 Qiuling was worried about Feng Wu’s health .

 Her mistress hadn’t gotten any sleep last night . After making the medicine, she had gone on to draw the formation right away . She then went to visit Grand Secretary Fang and Young Master Yu Mingye one after another . And now, she was going to see Lady Northern Feng…

Wasn’t this too much, to keep working without any rest?

 Qiuling was even more concerned when she saw Feng Wu’s pale face .

 Northern Feng Mansion

 It was the same guard from last time .

 Of course he wouldn’t try to stop Feng Wu and he only smiled at her in an obsequious manner . “Miss Feng, we’re so glad to see you . Young Lord Feng told me to wait for you and to show you in as soon as you arrived . ”

 Feng Wu smiled and nodded at him .

 Lady Northern Feng was in the main courtyard .

 Feng Wu could hear hasty footsteps before she entered the courtyard .

 Feng Xun was inside .

 Hearing her footsteps, Feng Xun dashed out, grabbed Feng Wu by her wrist, and dragged her inside .

 “Xiao Wu! Quickly! My mum needs you!”

 There were other people in the room when Feng Xun dragged her in, but Feng Wu didn’t have time to see who they were .

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