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Chapter 672: 672

“So, shall we build an Immortal Taiyi formation in the manor based on this drawing?” Feng Wu was thrilled .

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 The thought of taking part in the construction of a Grandmaster Level formation excited Grand Secretary Fang . “Of course!”

 “Even Imperial College can’t build such a formation . ” Grand Secretary Fang gloated . “It’s been suggested, but they don’t have enough spiritual stones to sustain such a formation . ”

 All advanced cultivators knew the significance of an Immortal Taiyi formation .

 Feng Wu said, “Old Master, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave the preparation of the building materials to you . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand . “Don’t worry about it . Your top priority now is the physical tryout in seven days . ”

 After some thought, Grand Secretary Fang sighed in resignation . “Kiddo, you’re a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster already and much more advanced than any of the other candidates . You’ll have no problem getting the highest score . ”

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 “No . ” Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Old Master, Yu Mingye is a candidate this year as well . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang also smiled bitterly at the thought of Yu Mingye . “I had high hopes for him, but he only passed the written exam as the last on the list . ”

 “He was set up…”

 Feng Wu couldn’t help but chuckle when she recalled how Jun Linyuan had tricked Yu Mingye into waiting on Imperial Capital Tower for a whole night . The guy ended up catching a bad cold .

 Grand Secretary Fang said, “Yu Mingye is the Dark sacred son and as famous as His Royal Highness . Who could have set him up?”

 “Jun Linyuan . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang rubbed his chin . “That makes sense…”

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 That made sense? So, Grand Secretary Fang thought it was natural for Yu Mingye to fall for Jun Linyuan’s tricks?

 Well, maybe everyone thought it was natural that Jun Linyuan could fool anyone .

 “By the way, what will the physical tryout be like this year?” Feng Wu asked .

 She had asked the right person, for Grand Secretary Feng had overseen the physical tryout many times .

 Grand Secretary Fang said, “The physical tryout will take place on one of seven terrains: an iceberg, a snowfield, a wasteland, a swamp, a desert, grassland, or a forest . The location will be chosen randomly . But given that Mr Lu is in seclusion and with what happened with Zuo He, the college hasn’t decided how to proceed yet . ”

 Feng Wu tilted her head . “For the eye of the Immortal Taiyi formation, we’ll need a Heart of Ice Essence . ”

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 The old man nodded . “We can pull some strings or purchase the other materials, but the Heart of Ice Essence isn’t something you can come across every day . I don’t think anyone has it at the moment, but —”

 “But what?”

 “But in the location known as Proud Snowfield, there is a giant ice beast: Snowy Night Ice Beast . Its heart is a Heart of Ice Essence!” Grand Secretary Fang said in a serious voice .

 “And the location of the physical tryout hasn’t been decided yet . ”

 “No…” Grand Secretary Fang frowned . He realized what Feng Wu was going to say .

 As expected, the girl said decisively, “How about making it happen in Proud Snowfield?”

 “NO . ” The old man turned her down outright . “One has to be a Year Two student at least to enter Proud Snowfield’s outer region, not to mention that all of you are only candidates . No, I won’t allow it . ”


 “No buts . ” Grand Secretary Fang frowned . “I’ll think of something else . ”

 “But locations like Proud Snowfield are for students only, and can only be accessed by people of a certain age group, right? You won’t be able to get in yourself,” said Feng Wu .

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