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Chapter 671
Chapter 671: Spectacular!

“But the petty things are the most difficult to do properly,” said Feng Wu . “I’m going to see Grand Secretary Fang next door . Send Feng Tutu to fetch me if someone comes . ”

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Qiuling said, “No problem . ”

Rolling up the drawing and tucking it under her arm, Feng Wu jumped over the wall .

Grand Secretary Fang opened his eyes in surprise when Feng Wu unfolded the drawing in front of him!


Grand Secretary Fang was stunned .

“This is an Immortal Taiyi Essence-Gathering Formation!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu . “This is a Grandmaster Level formation which has been lost for generations! Where did you get this?

“No, that’s not it —” Grand Secretary Fang examined the paper and the ink . “That’s not right . Why is the paper the same as mine here? It’s the paper from Calming Mind Hall! It’s a new product on the market… and the ink…

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“Who drew this?!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu .

“What do you think of the drawing?” Feng Wu asked casually .

“It’s great! It’s wonderful! It’s a perfect Grandmaster Level essence-gathering formation . Even the corners are immaculate! Most importantly —”

Grand Secretary Fang turned to Feng Wu . “Do you know why it’s so hard to pass on the design of an essence-gathering formation?”


“Because, in order to draw it, one has to be a cultivator first . They also have to have an understanding of formations, or they won’t be able to comprehend the essence-gathering formation . Last but not least, they have to be an expert illustrator to do the actual drawing!”

Grand Secretary Fang looked astonished . “Who drew this? You must have met the person, right? Take me to them!”

Feng Wu asked, “Is it really that good?”

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She had learned to draw from her beautiful master .

Her beautiful master had taught her a lot of things, and drawing was only one of them . He had only taught her because she needed it in order to learn to draw formations .

However, she had never slacked off over the years and had practiced her skills frequently .

“This person will be the pillar of the empire!” Grand Secretary Fang said in excitement . “If they’re willing to teach in Imperial College, I’ll recommend that they become a member of the education board! Kiddo, take me to this person now!”

Feng Wu cleared her throat .

Grand Secretary Fang looked at her in confusion .

Feng Wu then gestured at herself .

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Grand Secretary Fang didn’t get it at first . “What?”

“I drew it,” Feng Wu said earnestly .

Grand Secretary Fang: !!!

Feng Wu nodded . “Yup . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Kiddo, this is no laughing matter . ”

Feng Wu only smiled .

Grand Secretary Fang had seen Feng Wu’s formation skills, her cultivation, and her theoretical knowledge… but he had never expected her to be an expert illustrator, too!

“Exactly where did you learn all these things?!” Grand Secretary Fang exhaled . “When did you learn how to draw? What on earth…”

Talk about excelling over one’s seniors…

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “I learned five years ago . After that, I was busy studying how to refine medicine, and I haven’t drawn for a while . Luckily, I still know how to do it . ”

The old man didn’t know what to say .

Feng Wu said, “Old Master, what do you think of this Immortal Taiyi formation?”

“What do I think? It’s spectacular!”

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