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Chapter 666

Mrs Ning failed to notice Feng Wu and began to pour out her grievances right away . “I know Miss Feng Liu is wonderful and smart and it wouldn’t be so easy to get her family to agree… So, we went to Lord Wuan the other day and asked him to be our go-between . But —”

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 “The Feng family turned you down again?” Lady Northern Feng frowned .

 Mrs Ning smiled bitterly . “That’s right . Sir Feng only said ‘wait and see,’ and that was as good as a refusal .

 “We’ve done everything there is to be done and showed as much sincerity as we could! But the Feng family just won’t say yes!

 “I even went to see Mrs Feng the other day myself . ” Mrs Ning sounded more aggrieved as she spoke . “She gave me a similar reply, saying that her daughter was still young and that she’d like to have her around for a bit longer .

 “I know she’s still young, but we’re not asking her to get married right away . An engagement will do . But the Feng family won’t even say yes to that .

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 “Chenxi studied so hard for Imperial College’s entrance exam this time and he got the third highest score!” Mrs Ning was almost in tears . “He stayed up late to study and lost so much weight from his hard work . He did all that just to get good grades to please the Feng family .

 “Look, he was third! And his cultivation achievement is way above average . I’m sure he’ll do great . ”

 Lady Northern Feng smacked the table . “And the Feng family still won’t accept him?”

 “You don’t say . Lord Wuan went to talk to Sir Feng himself about the marriage proposal, but Sir Feng turned him down . ”

 Mrs Ning was distraught . “Why is the Feng clan so proud? Is Chenxi ever going to be able to marry Miss Feng Liu?”

 Lady Northern Feng snapped, “Forget about her, then . Feng Liu isn’t a good choice, anyway . She doesn’t get along with her sister and she’s not particularly talented . I just don’t understand what you and Chenxi see in her . ”

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 Mrs Ning gave her a wry smile . “The thing with her sister is a big misunderstanding . Feng Wu, her sister, started it . One look and you’ll know that the girl is a piece of work . She’s always ready to stir things up . Feng Liu really is a nice girl . ”

 Lady Northern Feng: !!!

 Feng Wu was right next to them and it was so inappropriate for her sister-in-law to say such things!

 “As for her talent —” Mrs Ning smiled . “I told you once . Miss Feng Liu is actually a genius doctor! Back when we were in Wanping Town, if it wasn’t for her, my twins and myself would have all died . She saved me again afterward . She’s an amazing girl!”

 Lady Northern Feng almost lost her temper .

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 Was this the same Feng Liu she knew?

 She snorted . “If this Feng Liu really is as wonderful as you describe, why didn’t she even pass the written exam?”

 “Well…” Mrs Ning didn’t know what to say .

 “Cough, cough —”

 Standing behind them, Feng Wu felt so awkward .

 If she was guessing right, the savior Mrs Ning was talking about was her… However, something must have gone wrong, for the lady had mistaken her for Feng Liu .

 But why did Ning Chenxi want to marry her? Feng Wu shook her head .

 She began to back away, hoping that she could sneak off before things got more awkward .

 However, Lady Northern Feng’s palm landed on her shoulder . “Xiao Wu, is it true? Feng Liu is secretly a genius doctor?”

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