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Chapter 665

Lady Northern Feng and Granny Tao kept their gazes on Feng Wu, trying to decipher what the latter was thinking .

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 In fact, both women had doubts .

 The girl was simply too young . Even the imperial physicians and the female medicine refiner from the guild didn’t know what was wrong with the lady… what could this girl do? An elderly doctor with white hair and goatee looked a lot more trustworthy .

 Lady Northern Feng had no faith in Feng Wu .

 Neither did Granny Tao .

 They didn’t expect Feng Wu to solve the problem .

 If they didn’t have expectations, there would be no disappointment .

 Feng Wu drew back her hand in less than five minutes .

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 That was way too soon . Lady Northern Feng shook her head inwardly .

 “What have you learned?” Lady Northern Feng asked indifferently .

 Feng Wu smiled wryly . “Four years and three months . Am I right?”

 “What?!” Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

 Feng Wu’s answer was so accurate! Four years and three months was right!

 Back then, Lady Northern Feng had thought that she was pregnant, which had terrified her . That was why she remembered the exact time .

 Feng Wu smiled . “Your pulse feels heavy and your tongue is pale and covered in a thin layer of fur . This indicates that you lack energy in your spleen and stomach, and that you’re suffering from overactive phlegmatic fire . You must have lost your temper four years and three months ago . Am I right?”

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 Lady Northern Feng nodded…

“Lost her temper” would be an understatement . She had been so angry that she almost passed out .

 Seeing Lady Northern Feng confirm her diagnosis, Feng Wu went on . “And it was also during that time that you caught a cold, right?”


 “With the internal fire brought on by the anger and the evil energy introduced by the ailment, it was like a fire fanned by the wind . The evil energy made its way into your internal organs and the spleen and stomach were the first to be damaged, which in turn produced an excessive amount of phlegm . Because the ailment hasn’t been properly treated for so long, it makes you dizzy . In fact, the cause of your disease lies in your spleen and stomach . ”

 “Are you telling me that I have a problem with my spleen and stomach?” Lady Northern Feng listened attentively at first, but she smiled bitterly when Feng Wu told her that her headache was caused by a problematic spleen and stomach .

 “Yes . In order to cure you, we have to start working on your spleen and stomach . We’ll focus on clearing your phlegm and replenishing your deficiencies while we’re at it . The internal fire and evil energy will also be eliminated . ”

 “Are you telling me that the ailment I had four years ago is still inside me? That I was never properly treated?” Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Wu .

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 Feng Wu said earnestly, “Yes . Not only weren’t you cured, your health has been continuously affected by it . You may seem in good shape and only have occasional dizziness, but —

 “If I’m guessing right, you were out in the wind today and had some saltwater fish… I’m afraid that you’re going to get dizzy very soon . ”

 “I can’t eat saltwater fish?”

 “Of course not . Fish and meat will aggravate the dampness caused by the phlegm inside you . Your body can’t handle it,” Feng Wu said decisively .

 Lady Northern Feng wasn’t fully convinced .

 Just then, footsteps came from outside .

 Lady Northern Feng frowned . She had left instructions that she wasn’t to be disturbed . What was this about?

 There was a knock at the door .

 Lady Northern Feng darted a glance at Granny Tao, who went off to dismiss the unwelcome guest .

 “My Lady, it’s your sister-in-law —”

 It was none other than Mrs Ning herself .

 The same Mrs Ning that Feng Wu had saved and the mother of Ning Chenxi .

 Of course Lady Northern Feng couldn’t chase Mrs Ning away and she rose to her feet with a smile . “Dear sister-in-law, what brings you here? Do come in . ”

 Mrs Ning walked in with a few maids and grannies .

 She looked worn out as she smiled bitterly . “What do you think? I’m here for Miss Feng Liu, of course . ”

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