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Chapter 655: 655

The teenager sounded as if he had experienced many vicissitudes of life . Crossing his hands behind his back, he shook his head, sighed, and left the square .

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 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

 Rubbing his chin, he murmured to himself, “Would Feng Wu be an ideal match for my son?”

 It was too great a matter for the chief steward to offer any opinion on it .

 Meanwhile, Feng Wu was dealing with Mu Yaoyao and Duan Chaoyin .

 “Look! It says in the agreement that you have to be accepted by Imperial College! Hahaha, Feng Wu, are you still going to bet?!”

 Mu Yaoyao had long wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and her eyes looked like they were spitting fire .

 She knew better than anyone else that Feng Wu was a cripple without any trace of spiritual essence!

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 The girl thought she could pass the physical tryout? In her dreams!

 Feng Wu darted a casual look at Mu Yaoyao . “…You know, I’ll say yes if you want to revoke that bet now . ”


 Mu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up!

 Feng Wu had to be scared! She wanted to cancel the bet! She had no confidence in herself at all! That was why she had made that suggestion!

 Mu Yaoyao cracked up inwardly!

 Feng Wu, do you remember how you wouldn’t cut me any slack just then? Now that things were turning against her, she wanted out?

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 “No! We won’t!” Mu Yaoyao said without hesitation!

 Feng Wu frowned . “Are you sure? This is your one chance . ”

 “Hahahahaha! Feng Wu, you’re only saying that because you know you can’t get into Imperial College! Hahahaha! I’m going to stick with my bet and I’ll be laughing when I cut your head off!” Mu Yaoyao’s eyes flickered, satisfied with her impending revenge .

 Feng Wu looked at Duan Chaoyin and Ye Yafei .

 Those two had made a bet with Chaoge .

 “I…” Ye Yafei took a deep breath . “Can I cancel mine?”

 All eyes were on Ye Yafei right away!

 Ye Yafei said, “I don’t have that many grudges against Duan Chaoge and it’s really not worth losing an arm over . So, can I revoke my bet?”

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 More importantly, Ye Yafei had noticed that Duan Chaoge was a Level 9 Spiritual Master already!

 The girl had only been a Level 7 the last time they met, but she had made it to Level 9 in no time! That was so scary! After everything that had happened, Ye Yafei wavered .

 Feng Wu let Chaoge make her own decision .

 Chaoge snorted . “That’s very smart of you . Well, you get to keep your arm for now!”

 Shen then turned to Duan Chaoyin . “What about you?”

 “Pffft —” Duan Chaoyin sneered . “You really think you can get in? Of course I’m not going to give up on such a great opportunity! I’m still in on the bet! You’ll have to destroy your own cultivation if you lose and I’ll do the same if I lose!”

 “Deal . ” Chaoge gave Feng Wu a nod .

 The crowd began to scatter .

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu exchanged looks; both had yet to recover from the shocking news .

 Slowly, they headed home .

 “Mother… Do you think it’s true?” Feng Liu came back to herself and stared at Lady Wang in bewilderment . “Feng Wu is first? She got the highest mark? That’s impossible! Impossible!”

 Like many people, Feng Liu had been convinced that Feng Wu would never pass the written exam!

 Lady Wang was in a foul mood .

 Feng Liu’s eyes flickered with a jealous look in them . “Feng Wu wasn’t on that first list! Her name was added afterward! I don’t know what she did, but she only got on the list at a later stage! I won’t believe that she didn’t cheat!”

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