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Published at 31st of May 2020 02:35:10 PM
Chapter 654: 654

Duan Chaoyin also swiftly rose to her feet and glanced at Feng Wu arrogantly . “Our bet is also about getting into Imperial College, not passing the written exam!!!”

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 The crowd was dumbfounded .

 No one had expected such a turn of events!

 The wording of an agreement was so important!

 The onlooker next to Emperor Wu frowned .

 Emperor Wu found the teenager rather amusing . “What’s with the long face?”

 “Well, there’s something you should know . ” The teenager smiled bitterly . “Feng Wu is a special case . ”

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 “Really?” Emperor Wu raised an eyebrow, pretending not to know anything .

 The teenager sighed . “Miss Feng Wu used to be this super genius girl, but she got unlucky, and somehow, she was crippled . She’s just an ordinary person with no spiritual essence now .

 “Here’s the thing . Without spiritual essence, although she can still learn the theory, she’ll be hopeless in actual combat . Miss Feng Wu is crippled physically, but it hasn’t affected how smart she is . ”

 “Yes . ”

 “So, she was able to get the highest score in the written exam and got full marks . That’s an unprecedented record!”

 “You’re right . ”

 “But she’s lost her cultivation ability . I checked just then and I found out that she has no spiritual essence whatsoever! How is she going to get through the physical tryout? How is she going to get into Imperial College? The written exam only takes up 300 of the 1000 points, and the physical tryout takes up 700!”

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 The teenager was genuinely concerned for Feng Wu and he went on sighing . “If Miss Feng Wu loses, they’ll take her head!”

 Seeing how indignant the teenager felt, Emperor Wu was amused . “You’re on Feng Wu’s side, then?”

 “Of course . ”

 “You know her?”

 “This is my first time seeing her . ”

 “Then why are you taking her side?”

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 “Because she’s beautiful!” The teenager gave Emperor Wu a look, as if he was looking at an idiot . “Don’t you think so?”

 Emperor Wu was speechless . He couldn’t say no to that question .

 “Moreover, don’t you think that… there’s something about her that makes you want to like her? She just feels so comfortable to be around . ” The teenager tried to explain his feelings .

 Emperor Wu frowned . “You like her?”

 “Who wouldn’t like such a pretty girl?” The teenager darted a bewildered look at Emperor Wu .

 “Ahem —” The chief steward cleared his throat . This teenager should really shut up now .

 Emperor Wu threw a dirty look at the chief steward, then turned back to the teenager . “Don’t you think… she attracts too much attention from guys?”

 “Are you even listening to yourself?!” The teenager almost jumped to his feet . “Sir, that’s so inappropriate! Have you heard the expression ‘the flower will bloom with or without the wind’? That’s Miss Feng Wu! She’s the flower, and the butterflies willingly fly toward her!”

 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

 The teenager snorted . “I heard that His Royal Highness canceled his engagement to Miss Feng Wu . If you ask me, His Royal Highness might always be right, but not this time!”

 Emperor Wu asked, “Really? How so?”

 “Look, Miss Feng Wu scored full marks in the exam . No one has ever been able to do that . She’s like, crazy smart . With her intelligence and the crown prince’s talents, I bet they’d make the cleverest babies in history! It would be such a blessing to the empire! Sigh, what a pity…”

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