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Chapter 653: 653

She had yet to recover from the shock of Duan Chaoge getting the second highest score when she learned that she herself hadn’t gotten in…

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She couldn’t believe it!

 Duan Chaoyin turned to stare at Xiaohuan!

 Xiaohuan almost burst into tears, but she still said, “Miss… your name really isn’t on the list…”

 “Pffft —” Duan Chaoyin couldn’t take the blow and almost fainted .

 “Miss! Miss! Your name isn’t on the list, but your sister’s is!”

 “Pfft —”

 Xiaohuan really shouldn’t have mentioned that . Duan Chaoyin spat out a mouthful of blood as soon as she heard it .

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 “Miss, Miss —”

 Duan Chaoyin passed out from anger…

The crowd was speechless .

 In the crowd, Emperor Wu shook his head at Duan Chaoyin, who had fainted from anger . “That girl needs to work on her tolerance . Which family is she from?”

 “Her father is Duan Hongyi, a fourth-ranked official…” the chief steward whispered in Emperor Wu’s ear .

 Emperor Wu recalled the person at the reminder .

 He shook his head . “Duan Hongyi is a decent government official, but he’s not as good when it comes to raising his children . This daughter of his isn’t presentable at all . ”

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 The chief steward said another silent prayer, this time for Master Duan .

 “But that Duan Chaoge is a nice girl . Is she Duan Hongyi’s daughter, too?”

 “Yes…” Because of Feng Wu, the chief steward had been keeping an eye on Duan Chaoge as well . “Miss Duan Chaoge is Duan Hongyi’s third daughter, but her mother is a concubine and her family bullies her…”

Emperor Wu frowned . “Duan Hongyi is such a poor judge of character . ”

 1The chief steward felt even more sorry for this Master Duan now .

 His Majesty had just criticized him on his judgment of character . A fourth-ranked official was probably the highest Duan Hongyi was ever going to go .

 With Mu Yaoyao and Duan Chaoyin spitting out blood, Ye Yafei was the only one on her feet, but she didn’t look any better…

“Ye Yafei, right?” Feng Wu glanced at her .

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 “F- Feng Wu… What do you want from me?”

 Feng Wu smiled . “Those two passed out from fear and they can wait, but what did you say just then? You’ll cut an arm off if Chaoge gets in?”

 “I… I… But!” Ye Yafei read the agreement about her bet and her eyes lit up all of a sudden!

 She shouted, “But! You’ve only just passed the written exam! There’s still the physical tryout to go! I’ll cut my arm off if you pass that and get into Imperial College!”

 Feng Wu frowned .

 Ye Yafei was thrilled as she pointed at the words on the agreement . “Look! It says ‘get into Imperial College,’ not ‘pass the written exam’! Hahahaha — the bet is about getting accepted into Imperial College!”

 Feng Wu darted a look at her agreement and saw that it was indeed the case .

 She hadn’t noticed it when the agreement was drafted, for to her understanding, passing the written exam wasn’t that different from getting into Imperial College .

 Mu Yaoyao and Duan Chaoyin had passed out .

 Of course, they were only pretending to have passed out .

 For if they didn’t do that, Feng Wu would ask them to honor their bets .

 But Ye Yafei’s words gave them some hope!

 Well, it gave them a lot more than “some hope”!

 Mu Yaoyao jumped to her feet . She stared at Feng Wu with a malicious smile on her face . “Feng Wu! The bet we made was for you to get into Imperial College, not pass the written exam!”

 At least, that was what was written in the agreement!

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