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Chapter 65: Stop!

She hurriedly waved her hand. "No, the wonton shop is doing quite well. Ever since Wang Family's Little Tiger's people were taught a lesson by you last time, Elder Sister Feng Wu, they haven't dared to drop by and collect 'protection fees' anymore. Fifth Young Miss, these are snowflake wontons made with care by my grandmother. She wanted to be sure that I bring these to you and have you try them while they're still fresh."

As Lin Ling was speaking, she took the entire box and pushed it into Feng Wu's hand, afraid that Feng Wu might decline. She waved her hand at Feng Wu and hurriedly ran away.

Feng Wu forced a smile. These townspeople really were terribly friendly towards her.

Feng Wu watched as the number of townspeople congregating continued to increase and quickly waved as she smiled to say. "Grandma Zhang, Uncle Zhao, and all neighbors, I just finished examining a sick person from the neighboring town and am returning home, see you again in the future."

During the past few days, Feng Wu disappeared from Northern Territory City. She had to give herself an excuse for her disappearance, that's why she said that she left for the neighboring town. When the moment comes, all off Northern Territory City's people will be able to bear witness.

Feng Wu carried the bamboo basket while taking large strides, as she turned her head around behind her.

The townspeople waved goodbye to her while they talked excitedly.

"Just now, that Lin Ling was the one who was almost captured last year by that Winter Tiger* to become his girl."

(*TN: This is a nickname most likely given by the townspeople to Wang Family's Little Tiger reflecting how ferocious he is. A tiger that's so active even in the winter.)

"Isn't that right? It's really her. At that time, Grandma Lin and Grandma Lin risked their lives to stop Lin Ling from being captured. Due to this, they were even almost kicked to death by Wang Little Tiger and his people at the scene. At the time, this matter caused a huge commotion."

"Thanks to the fifth young lady, if it wasn't for her rushing there in time to intervene, the three people from the Lin family would've been buried underground, their burial mounds overgrown with weeds by now."

"The fifth young lady didn't only save their lives, she even taught them skills for their entire family to support themselves. We really don't even need to mention it. With a taste, people instantly fall for these Lin family wontons."

"Those of us at Northern Territories City are so lucky to have Fifth Young Miss. Ever since she came back, don't know how many lives she's saved, she's simply a living Buddha!"

Feng Wu didn't hear the discussions behind her. At this moment, she was walking home as quickly as possible.

One ought to know, three days ago, when she was captured by the Flaming Cloud Hawk and flown away, Qiu Ling indeed became unbearably anxious. It's also unclear right now what state of confusion her home might be in right now.

Moreover, at that time, when she was held between the Flaming Cloud Hawk's beak and flown into the air, she saw with her own eyes that the Feng clan had come!

One was Feng Yi Ran and the other was Feng Liu. In terms of seniority, they were the First Feng and the Sixth Feng, Feng Wu's Older Uncle's* children. One was an older male patrilineal cousin, the other was a younger female patrilineal cousin.

(*TN: Feng Wu's Older Uncle is her father's older brother.)

These two were certainly not two people who were easy to get along with. One was sinister and hypocritical, the other was crafty and unruly.

During the time when Feng Wu fell from grace and became an abandoned individual, these two people proved to be the ones who stepped on Feng Wu most happily.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu's footsteps became increasingly quicker!

Because her home still housed her beautiful weeping mother and her simple, good and honest younger brother.

She also didn't know how disordered her home might've become now, and even more so, she didn't know how her mother and brother are doing.

Because of these unknowns, the dread in Feng Wu's heart grew as she was thinking these things. Wings grew on her feet as her speed became lightning quick.

Very soon, Feng Wu arrived at the door to her house.

At the doorway stood two guards.

Their bodies ramrod straight, expressions grave, gaze ice-cold……with one look, she knew they were well trained.

Feng Wu's eyes narrowed.

She didn't recognize these two people at all. Therefore, she could conclude that they surely came from the capital.

As expected, when Feng Wu walked inside, these two Iron Blood Guards who stood facing each other crossed the long blades in their hands in their hands barring her way. "Stop!"

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