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Chapter 649: 649

Seeing Mu Yaoyao with her unkempt hair, pale face, and frantic manner, Emperor Wu thought about his extraordinary son, and was furious!

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 How dare his wife try to use such a woman to defile his Linyuan! The idea was abominable!

 However, Mu Yaoyao had no idea that His Majesty himself was in the crowd, nor did she know that she had had a chance of marrying Jun Linyuan… Right now, she just wanted to do as she pleased .

 She pointed at Feng Wu . “Cheater! You’re a cheater!”

 Feng Wu smiled . “Princess Mu, everyone has to take responsibility for what they say and do . You can’t take back your words . You know that, right?

 “Now, Princess Mu, please tell everyone when I cheated . How did I do it? And where is your evidence?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and her gaze was as sharp as a cold blade!

 Under her intimidating stare, Mu Yaoyao cringed and stumbled back .

 She yelled, “You, you just cheated!”

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 “Answer my question . ” Feng Wu was still smiling .

 Of course Mu Yaoyao had no evidence . She was only giving vent to her frustration!

 “Tell everyone this: were we in the same examination hall?” Feng Wu smirked .

 “Yes . ”

 “And His Royal Highness and Mr Lu were in the hall with us . ”


 “So, you’re telling me that someone could cheat in the exam with both His Royal Highness and Mr Lu as invigilators? Is that possible?”

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 “Of course not!” Mu Yaoyao answered involuntarily .

 “And you’re still insisting that I cheated?”

 Mu Yaoyao stammered . “…I – I mean that it happened after we handed in the exam papers…”

 “Really? Princess Mu, you’re so well-connected . Common candidates like me have no idea what happens after our exam papers are handed in, but you actually have access to someone inside!”

 Mu Yaoyao was speechless .

 As Feng Wu pressed on, Mu Yaoyao fell back and was on the verge of breaking down .

 “I… I have no such access! I – I just heard people talking!”

 “Really? What did you hear, then? You heard about me cheating on the exam?”

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 “I… well, they showed me a list before and you weren’t on it!”

 “A previous list?” Feng Wu smiled . “Did Imperial College come up with a list before the official announcement? Who gave you that? Mr Zuo?”

 “Yes! It was Mr Zuo!” Mu Yaoyao tried to intimidate Feng Wu with Mr Zuo’s name . She tossed a piece of paper at Feng Wu . “See? You’re not on this list! Your name was added afterward! You… you cheated!”

 Emperor Wu snorted .

 Zuo He! It was so audacious of him to leak such information!

 “Your Majesty?” The chief steward was waiting for further instructions .

 Emperor Wu nodded .

 Hence, in less than a minute —

 Someone cried out in the crowd . “Someone’s coming out from Imperial College! Look! They’re putting up something else!”

 Mu Yaoyao rejoiced!

 Holy shit!

 Was Imperial College disqualifying Feng Wu because she called her a cheater just then?!

 However, Mu Yaoyao almost fainted when someone began to read the new announcement aloud .

 It was very succinct .

 Zuo He was dismissed from his job for gross misconduct and for harming a student during the three days he served as the acting principal of Imperial College . He had been removed from his office as a member of the education board and was sentenced to life imprisonment!

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