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Chapter 648: 648

It was an old man wearing a skullcap and a casual outfit, but his eyes looked exceptionally sagacious!

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 Behind him was an elderly steward, who was bent respectfully toward his master .

 If one looked closely, they would spot quite a few capable cultivators, who were scanning the perimeter with their piercing eyes .

 They were scattered among the crowd and looking in different directions, but they always kept an eye on the wise-looking old man!

 The old man himself was rather relaxed and even tried to strike up a conversation with those around him .

 He asked curiously, “Did this Princess Mu really bet her own life?”

 The onlooker he asked was the gossipy type, who pulled the old man a little further away from the crowd before whispering in an excited voice, “Oh yeah, she did . They put it down on paper!”

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 The sagacious old man looked intrigued . “Did they?”

 “Sir, you’ve asked the right person . I witnessed the whole thing! Here’s what happened: Princess Mu here provoked Miss Feng Wu first, saying that she would cut her whole head off and give it to Miss Feng Wu as a football if Miss Feng Wu could make it onto the list this time!”

 “Oh my —” The old man cried out in surprise .

 “That’s right! Miss Feng Wu didn’t respond at first, but Princess Mu wouldn’t let it drop . She practically forced Miss Feng Wu to say yes . What was more, Princess Mu Yaoyao even made a solemn oath, saying that if she refused to acknowledge the bet afterward, her father would lose his title!”

 The old man sounded shocked . “Seriously?!”

 The chief steward looked up at the sky in resignation .

 Isn’t it a little inappropriate to gossip like this, Your Majesty?

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 1Naturally, the onlooker had no idea that he was talking to the emperor, and he went on in high spirits . “Yes, seriously! Princess Mu just dug her own grave, if you ask me! I’m looking forward to seeing her cut her own head off, hahahaha — well, I’m off . They’re going back to the teahouse and I need to get there before the front row seats are taken!”

 “Which teahouse?”

 “Why, you want to go, too? Come with me, then! It’s just over there!” Taking His Majesty’s hand, the onlooker dragged the emperor through the crowd .

 Speechless, the chief steward watched as his emperor marched cheerfully into the crowd…

Guards of the secret service narrowed their eyes in a threatening manner . With one sweep of their hands, this ignorant onlooker wouldn’t know what killed him!

 They gave the chief steward inquiring looks .

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 The chief steward shook his head .

 The best seats had been taken when Emperor Wu got there and they could only stand in the second row .

 By then, everyone had learned that Feng Wu had gotten the highest score in the written exam!

 It wasn’t another person with the same name, and she was unmistakably first!

 Throwing off the servants supporting her, Mu Yaoyao rushed up to Feng Wu with eyes that could spit fire!

 She ranted, “Feng Wu! You cheated!”

 All eyes were on Feng Wu after those words…

So, she was able to get such good grades because she cheated in the exam?

 Hidden among the commoners in his skullcap and casual outfit, the emperor looked at Mu Yaoyao in disappointment .

 He recalled that it was only the other day that the empress had recommended this girl to him, praising the girl for how comely, docile, and well-behaved she was… so that the crown prince could consider the girl as a future imperial concubine .

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