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Chapter 647: 647

Xiaohuan, the maid, was a timid girl . She was shaken by all the eyes on her!

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 “Feng… Feng Wu…”

 She gave the answer!

 And everyone was shocked again!

 It was Feng Wu!

 It was Feng Wu!

 It was Feng Wu!

 If only one person gave that answer, they might be lying, but these people had given the same answer repeatedly .

 Could all of them be lying?

 Just then, someone shouted at the crowd gathering around the list, “Hey, who’s first on that list?”

 And the crowd shouted back in unison, “Feng — Wu —”

 The sound resonated in the air!

 To say that Ye Yafei had drained of all color would be an understatement .

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 And the same went for Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue…

These people all stared at Feng Wu as if they had seen a ghost!

 How could this be?


 Why Feng Wu?

 They couldn’t imagine how this could have happened!

 It was incredible!

 Meanwhile, Mu Yaoyao had arrived at the foot of the bulletin board where the list was posted .

 After pushing through the crowd, her hair was unkempt, her clothes disheveled, and her face contorted!

 She stared at the first name in the first row of the list!

 The name was written in thick strokes!

 And bigger than the other names!

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 It was Feng Wu!

 It was Feng Wu!

 It was Feng Wu!

 No matter how many times she rubbed her eyes, the name didn’t change!

 She hadn’t read it wrong!

 It was indeed Feng Wu!

 Feng Wu was first!

 “No —”

 Mu Yaoyao spat out a mouthful of blood onto the list!

 And the bright yellow paper was painted red!

 Everyone else failed to recognize her and they cried out in surprise .

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 “Who’s the nutjob?”

 “Some loony who failed the exam, I think?”

 “Everyone can take the exam up to three times, no? Try again . ”

 Mu Yaoyao could barely stand still .

 Feng Wu was first… she was first…

Her head spun and Mu Yaoyao almost fainted .

 “Princess —”

 Her servants rushed to her side in a hurry to stop her from falling .

 The others were shocked by her reaction .

 “Who’s that?”

 “Isn’t she the princess of the Mu manor?”

 “Princess Mu Yaoyao? But she’s on that list . 98th, isn’t it? What’s with her anger?”

 “You missed the show . Princess Mu made a bet with Feng Wu . ”

 “Really? On what?”

 “On whether or not Feng Wu could get in . ”

 “Feng Wu? The Feng Wu? Of course she can’t . ”

 “Bah! Are you blind? Look! The first name on the list!”

 “Holy shit! Feng Wu! That’s Feng Wu!”

 “You don’t say . Princess Mu bet her own head, and she’s in a lot of trouble now . Is she going to die now?”

 “Is it really Feng Wu? Could it be a mistake or something? Maybe it’s a different person with the same name . ”

 A different person? Yes! That was possible!

 Mu Yaoyao, who almost had a nervous breakdown, saw hope again .

 However —

 “You idiot! A different person? The names come with their serial numbers, okay? Feng Wu entered the exam on recommendation and her serial number is very unique . It’s 10001! Look, it’s her name and her serial number!”

 Mu Yaoyao blanched .

 Meanwhile, a few steps away —

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