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Chapter 642: 642

Grand Secretary Fang sighed . “At this point in my life, I’m happy enough to know what that secret is . It would be too greedy of me to try to keep it to myself . I might lose a few years of my life if I did that . Now, sign this, please . ”

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 Seeing that the old man was sincere in his offer, Feng Wu thought that she would look contentious if she continued to decline it .

Feng Wu was a free spirit herself and she nodded . “Old Master, I’ll take it . ”

 She could always treat Grand Secretary Fang even nicer and take care of him for as long as he lived!

 “Good, good —”

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 Grand Secretary Fang was delighted, and decided to share a secret with Feng Wu . “Guess what? I did quite a lot of research and I discovered a legend about this land under our feet . ”

 “A legend?” Feng Wu batted her eyelashes, which reminded one of two little fans .

 “Have you heard of Mu Jiuzhou, who once ruled this continent?” Grand Secretary Fang’s tone was full of respect .

 “M- Mu… Jiuzhou?” Feng Wu’s eyes widened and her face stiffened with excitement!

 Of course she had!

 Mu Jiuzhou, the one-time ruler of the continent, was none other than her beautiful master, who was lying on a bed in her ring right now!

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 Feng Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang nervously .

 Needless to say, Grand Secretary Fang had no idea that the person he was gossiping about was close at hand . He went on, “According to unofficial records, a long time ago, before the Junwu Empire was established, this land we’re living in now had been destroyed once before, with everything burnt to the ground! And the great Mu Jiuzhou was the cause of the calamity!”

 “He single-handedly started a war that wiped out the continent?” Feng Wu clenched her fists! Her beautiful master was awesome!

 “Yes . He killed all twelve supreme cultivators of the continent, along with numerous capable people . Blood flowed like rivers and the whole continent was shaken . However, during that war… It was said that Mu Jiuzhou lost the person he treasured the most . ”

 “He treasured the most? Who was that? Was it a man or a woman?” Feng Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang, feeling nervous .

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 “A woman, I suppose,” Grand Secretary Fang said after some thought . “None of this is official, and I’m not sure how accurate the record is . It’s said that he lost the love of his life in that war, and he shed a teardrop for her . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang pointed at the dry well . “Maybe… the lode was created out of that teardrop . ”

 Feng Wu was speechless .

 The love of his life… the love of his life… Who was she?!

 “Are you sure that… Mu Jiuzhou used to have a woman he loved?” Feng Wu asked quietly . Her head had gone blank and her chest felt hollow .

 “That history was buried with all the fallen heroes, and so few people are still around to remember it . If we can find Mu Jiuzhou’s pupils, perhaps they can tell us a few things .

 “But —” Grand Secretary Fang smiled bitterly . “His pupils are probably the most superior rulers of different regions on this continent . They’re so beyond our reach now . ”

 Feng Wu could think of nothing but her beautiful master’s teardrop…

Her ethereal, god-like beautiful master had cried for a woman… Who on earth was she?

 1“Feng Wu? Little Feng Wu?” Grand Secretary Fang poked Feng Wu’s forehead with a finger .

 “Yes?” Feng Wu came back to herself . “You were saying?”

 “Nothing, really . ” Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand . “The exam results will be out today, and you should head back home . You’re going to have a busy day, with all the people rushing over to congratulate you . ”

 Feng Wu gave him a wry smile . She didn’t think that would happen .

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