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Chapter 638: 638

“Grandpa, isn’t your house for sale already? You can sell it to the Yao family now . They’re very rich people . ”

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 Mu Yaoyao gave Chief Yao a look, prompting him to speak .

 Chief Yao smiled . “Grand Secretary Fang, I heard that this house is selling for 10,000 taels of silver? Well, the Yao clan is willing to give you a million silver taels, together with a ten-thousand-year-old lingzhi mushroom and a blood ginseng . ”

 Ten times?!

 The Yao clan was offering a price ten times what was asked for!

 They weren’t buying a house! They were dumping money on the old man!

 Feng Wu was alarmed .

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 Could it be that the Yao family had learned of the possible treasure hidden in this house? Otherwise, why would they offer an exorbitantly high price? This didn’t make sense .

 Grand Secretary Fang thought the same .

 He gestured at an empty chair in front of him .

 Flattered, Chief Yao only sat down after politely declining at first .

 “Why?” Grand Secretary Fang neither rejected nor accepted the offer at once . Instead, he studied Chief Yao with a brooding look in his eyes, which had seen a fair share of the world during his long career as a politician .

 Chief Yao said, “Grand Secretary Fang, your manor has great feng shui . With the lake at the front and the mountains in the distance, feng shui-wise, the residence is such an auspicious place . ”

 “That’s it?”

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 “Grand Secretary Fang, to tell you the truth —” Chief Yao said with a wry smile, “With my family’s business, we’ve accumulated some wealth over the years, but the kids of the younger generation haven’t been doing well in their studies . Only a handful of them have gotten into Imperial College and the future of the clan doesn’t look very promising . We thought that maybe if we bought your house, the kids could gain from this association with you . Maybe they could do better . ”

 “That’s it?” Grand Secretary Fang repeated the question, but the look in his eyes was more stern now .

 To Feng Wu, Grand Secretary Fang was an amiable elderly man who was a little proud at times, but to Chief Yao, he was the old grand secretary .

 To be able to work as a grand secretary, the old man was anything but ordinary . He had to be exceptionally circumspect and farseeing to manage all his subordinates, not to mention that he had managed to retire peacefully .

 With all the experience he had accumulated over the years, a fraction of his majestic demeanor was enough to intimidate Chief Yao here .

 Under Grand Secretary Fang’s wise, piercing gaze, Chief Yao felt suffocated .

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 He flinched…

The old man might be retired, but he was no less frightening than when he had held that post .

 Chief Yao had no choice but to tell the truth . “I overheard that there’s a big secret hidden in this house and the Fang family hasn’t been able to solve it, so…”

 Grand Secretary Fang turned his sharp gaze on Mu Yaoyao!

 Lady Mu, Mu Yaoyao’s mother, had grown up in the Fang manor, which was why she knew about it .

 “Your mother told him that?”

 “Grandpa, Mother… did tell me about it, but… haven’t you been unable to solve it? If we wait any longer, it’ll bring the Fang family ill fortune . Grandpa, just sell the house to the Yao clan!”

 “How much did they pay you?” Grand Secretary Fang asked in an emotionless, unhurried tone .

 “Grandpa… I didn’t…” Mu Yaoyao tried to play the innocent girl again .

 Grand Secretary Fang snorted .

 As the saying went, “money makes the world go round . ” Someone like Mu Yaoyao would never offer her help without enough financial incentive . Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand . “See them out . ”

 “Grandpa, Grandpa —”

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