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Chapter 637

“Master, Princess Mu is here,” Steward Fang said with a wry smile .

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 “Princess Mu? As in Mu Yaoyao?”

 Grand Secretary Fang frowned, but before he could say anything, Mu Yaoyao’s shrill voice came from outside . “This is my grandpa’s house . Why can’t I come in? Get out of my way! Now!”

 Mu Yaoyao ran into sight as she yelled!

 She put on a charming, innocent smile as soon as she spotted Grand Secretary Fang in the pavilion . However, she looked disgusted as soon as she noticed Feng Wu .

 “Feng Wu! What are you doing here?!” Frowning, Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu .

 Feng Wu shrugged .  None of your business, girl .

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 “Grandpa, what’s she doing here at this early hour?!” Mu Yaoyao hurled the question at Grand Secretary Fang .

 The old man was displeased .

 All men had preferences, and compared with Mu Yaoyao, the old man liked Feng Wu much better as a granddaughter .

 For Feng Wu fitted the image of an outstanding youngster .

 At the age of thirteen, the girl was brilliant, beautiful, adorable, talented, capable, level-headed, and knew what she was doing… The list simply went on and on .

 Whereas Mu Yaoyao… She was nothing but a spoiled girl who only wanted more things .

 Taking that into consideration, the old man liked Feng Wu even more .

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 Hence, he frowned at Mu Yaoyao . “Do you want to talk to me?”

 Hearing that question, Mu Yaoyao immediately forgot about Feng Wu . Running up to Grand Secretary Fang, she held the old man’s arm . “Grandpa, I brought you someone . I’m sure you’ll be glad to meet him!”

 “I’m your granduncle . ” The old man corrected her .

 Mu Yaoyao ignored the reminder . She went on swaying Grand Secretary Fang’s arm back and forth . “Grandpa… aren’t you going back to your hometown after you retire? You’re going to sell this house, aren’t you? How about you don’t sell it? Can you give it to me, please?”

 Give it to you? Excuse me? Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Mu Yaoyao .

 The area under these buildings was filled with top-grade spiritual stones! Give it to her?!

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 Grand Secretary Fang frowned a little .

 “Grandpa, can’t I have it…” Mu Yaoyao sounded disappointed, but she cheered up almost right away . “Grandpa, it’s alright if you can’t give it to me, but you have to promise me something . ”

 At those words, Mu Yaoyao turned around and said to a middle-aged man, whom she had led into the house, “Chief Yao, this is Grand Secretary Fang, my grandpa . ”

 Mu Yaoyao then said to Grand Secretary Fang, “Grandpa, this is Yao Zhong, the current chief of the Yao clan, who’s from the eldest branch of the clan . Their family business is very famous in the imperial capital . They have shops all over the empire and they’re one of the three largest businesses…”

 Grand Secretary Fang frowned and stopped Mu Yaoyao with a wave of his hand .

 “I’m not that old yet and I know what the Yao clan does for a living,” Grand Secretary Fang said impatiently . “Cut to the chase . ”

 “Alright…” Mu Yaoyao was noticeably crestfallen . Sensing Feng Wu’s gaze, Mu Yaoyao glared at her . She went on, “Grandpa, isn’t your house for sale? Chief Yao is very interested . ”

 The frown on Grand Secretary Fang’s face grew bigger!

 Feng Wu was going to stay out of it at first, but she pricked up her ears when the house was mentioned .

 She had to have this house and no one could take it from her!

 Despite her determination, Feng Wu maintained her indifferent demeanor and didn’t let her emotions show .

 Grand Secretary Fang said nothing, which Mu Yaoyao took as him considering the offer . She smiled .

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