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Chapter 636: 636

Seeing that Feng Wu didn’t seem disturbed at all, the old man asked in resignation, “Aren’t you even a little bit worried?”

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 “For what? I’ve got you, don’t I?” Judging by the look on the old man’s face, Feng Wu knew right away that the matter had been taken care of, or the old man would have been angrier than her .

 Grand Secretary Fang rapped Feng Wu on her little head . “Do you ever get flustered? Well, you got the highest score, as you predicted . ”

 “Really? Do I detect a story behind it?”

 “Yes, you do . And it’s quite a story . ” The old man looked like he was going to make a long speech .

 Feng Wu poured some tea for the old man as she listened .

 “Why, Quling tea?” Grand Secretary Fang recognized the tea by its scent and was pleasantly surprised . “Where did you get it? From Master Linghu?”

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 Master Linghu? That was the most famous tea master in the empire . Feng Wu shook her head . “No, I made this myself . Old Master, what do you think?”

 “This is great!” Old Master Fang looked at Feng Wu in amazement . “Kiddo, you never cease to amaze me . I would never think you could make Quling tea yourself!”

 Old Master Fang didn’t know how many more surprises this so-called crippled girl would give him!

 She was making progress in her cultivation at an incredible speed .

 She had wondrous formation skills .

 And she could make Quling tea as well? Like a real tea master?!

 Feng Wu gloated .

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 Of course she could . She had the most perfect beautiful master on this continent . Quling tea was the least of the wonders she could create .

 Feng Wu smiled . “Old Master, I’ll make you some more if you like it . ”

 “Good, good . ” Sipping from his white jade tea cup, Grand Secretary Fang was in a great mood . He then told Feng Wu in detail about what happened the day before .

 He concluded his narration with a sigh of emotion . “His Royal Highness took Mr Zuo’s side at first and I was worried . Fortunately, he switched sides in the end . ”

 Feng Wu frowned . This Jun Linyuan just couldn’t stop trying to sabotage her plans .

 Tilting her head, she asked Grand Secretary Fang, “If Jun Linyuan sets his mind to work against me, will His Majesty be able to do anything about it?”

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 Grand Secretary Fang gave it some thought, then asked, “Do you want the truth?”

 “So, the truth is… Jun Linyuan will get away with it?” Feng Wu couldn’t believe it .

 Grand Secretary Fang nodded .

 “That’s ridiculous!” Feng Wu smacked the table . “Jun Linyuan is the crown prince and his father is the emperor . In what world would an emperor yield to a crown prince?”

 “You forgot about the grandmother . ” Grand Secretary Fang smiled bitterly . “You haven’t met her yet, and when you do, you’ll understand . ”

 “But I have,” Feng Wu said grumpily . “The old lady summoned me when I was little . I remember her as an exceptionally stern and serious lady!”

 “Of course she was strict with you . You were His Royal Highness’s little fiancee and she had to set her standards very high . ” Grand Secretary Fang chuckled .

 “Huh? Are you suggesting that the empress dowager dotes on Jun Linyuan?”

 Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . “No, I mean that she worships the ground His Royal Highness walks on . ”

 Feng Wu was speechless .

 Grand Secretary Fang gave her a wry smile . “You’ll see when you meet her . She’s some old lady . ”

 Feng Wu was speechless .

 Feng Wu and Grand Secretary Fang were still chatting when Steward Fang approached them .

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