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Chapter 635
Chapter 635: The Results Will Be Out Today

Didn’t he abhor Feng Wu? What was he doing, watching Xiao Wu take the exam?

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That statement contained so much information .

Mr Zuo was the most astonished of them all .

He had genuinely believed that the crown prince would treat him differently because of Zuo Qingluan . “Your Royal Highness, Zuo Qingluan…”

Jun Linyuan sneered . “Who the hell is Zuo Qingluan?”

Mr Zuo felt as if he had been stabbed in the chest!

Who the hell was Zuo Qingluan?

Who the hell?

That was the worst news for the Zuo family!

His Royal Highness didn’t seem to like Zuo Qingluan at all!

The following day .

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Feng Wu jumped over the wall first thing in the morning .

“Old Master Fang, Old Master Fang —” Feng Wu called out in an excited voice .

Every morning after breakfast, the old man would take a walk in the courtyard .

Feng Wu jumped out of the dry well at that moment and it made Grand Secretary Fang jump a little .

“You naughty kid —” Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily . “What are you doing hiding in that well at this early hour?”

Feng Wu grinned . “The spiritual essence is really dense down there and it’s good for my cultivation . ”

“You’re making things up . ” The old man wouldn’t believe her .

Feng Wu took the old man’s arm, still grinning . “I’m not . Check this out . ”

She put away her Concealing Jade .

The old man’s eyes lit up!

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He realized that Feng Wu was —

“How can that be?” The old man was shocked by Feng Wu’s cultivation level . “You’re a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster already?”

Feng Wu nodded with a smile .

The old man had a hard time digesting the news . “But you were a Level 4 only a few days ago!”

It was so unfair!

Not only could she do well in an exam, she also made such quick progress in cultivation as if she had wings!

To be honest, of all the talented people the old man had met over the years, he had never seen anyone like Feng Wu!

Feng Wu giggled, feeling very pleased with herself .

“How did you do it?” The old man didn’t know what else to say . The kid was born to make other people jealous .

She was a cripple? Said who? And she wasn’t a genius anymore? She was the definition of a genius!

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Tilting her head, Feng Wu pointed at the dry well . “It’s really efficient to cultivate down there . ”

Grand Secretary Fang still thought that she was making things up . He jabbed her forehead with a finger . “You little rogue . ”

Feng Wu chuckled, but didn’t try to explain .

“What are you up to? It’s so early,” Grand Secretary Fang put both hands behind his back and asked proudly .

The matter had been taken care of last night, but because the Zuo family was involved and malpractice in Imperial College was a rather sensitive topic, the whole thing had been kept a secret . No one else knew the truth . No wonder the girl was worried .

“Old Master, I was told that —” Taking the old man’s arm, Feng Wu tilted her head and asked, “The list is out?”

“Yup . ” The old man raised his chin proudly .

“I also heard that I’m not on that list?” Feng Wu met the old man’s eyes .


“Of course not!” Feng Wu patted her chest . “I have faith in this empire, in His Majesty, and in you . ”

They walked into a pavilion at that moment . Feng Wu wiped a stone stool clean with a handkerchief, then helped the old man sit down .

The old man darted a glance at the old steward .

The old steward went out to guard the perimeter .

Feng Wu pricked up her ears .

Old Master Fang said, “The results are out and the list will be put up outside Imperial College later today . ”

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