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Chapter 634: 634

Zuo Qingluan was the future wife of the crown prince? Said who?! Emperor Wu threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan!

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 Jun Linyuan was utterly bemused .

 Mr Zuo was so vexed!

 Little did he expect that Wu Ming would become his doom . He wanted to charge at the man, but somehow, Feng had blocked his way and he couldn’t get to Wu Ming .

 Mr Wu spoke fast and all his accusations poured out . “Mr Zuo, you had me remove Feng Wu’s paper from the file! She got full marks, but you took Feng Wu’s paper to stop her from getting famous again!

 “Then, to cover your tracks, you mimicked her handwriting and made a replica of her paper, which only scored 179, and so was excluded from the top 1000 . You thought no one would find out, but you were wrong!

 “His Majesty is wise and is in need of talented young people, so he looked into it! One can never cover their tracks completely, Mr Zuo . You still have Feng Wu’s paper on you! I bet you haven’t sent it to Zuo Qingluan yet . Hand it over to His Majesty and confess your crime!”

 “You, you —”

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Mr Zuo almost choked and he spat out a mouthful of blood!

 He had never expected Wu Ming to turn him in!

 “That’s bullshit! You’re making things up! You came to me with Feng Wu’s paper and you —”

 Mr Zuo was so angry that he couldn’t think straight anymore!

 He said that aloud!

 And he regretted it as soon as he said it, but it was too late .

 Mr Zuo stood there, his head spinning . He didn’t know what to do .

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 Emperor Wu snorted . “Zuo He! How dare you claim your innocence after everything you did? Am I a fool to you?!”

 The more Emperor Wu thought about it, the angrier he felt! He wanted to kill Zuo He himself!

 Terrified, Mr Zuo knelt down and shivered…

Jun Linyuan was his only hope now .

 “Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness —” Mr Zuo crawled to Jun Linyuan’s side . “Wu Ming did it . I really had no idea . Please help me, for Qingluan’s sake . ”

 Jun Linyuan gave Mr Zuo an irritated glance .

 The man had no spine! It was a shame to Imperial College to have him as a leader! What would other people think of Imperial College from now on?

 Moreover, what was he thinking? Threatening him with Zuo Qingluan?

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 “Zuo Qingluan? Who’s that?” Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and kicked Mr Zuo away!

 As Mr Zuo fell backward, a paper flew out of his chest pocket and fell to the ground .

 Feng caught the paper before it landed and held it up .

 It was an exam paper .

 Feng Wu’s exam paper .

 Feng then handed it to Jun Linyuan .

 Mr Zuo’s stomach lurched!


 He cried out, “That’s a fake one! That’s not Feng Wu’s paper!”

 Glancing at the paper, Jun Linyuan gave Zuo He a crooked smile . “I watched her as she answered this paper, every word of it . And you’re telling me now that this isn’t hers?”


 Everyone stared at Jun Linyuan in astonishment!

 What did he mean by “every word of it”?!

 Even Emperor Wu was shocked!

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