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Published at 21st of May 2020 02:20:11 PM
Chapter 633

“Your Royal Highness, please talk to His Majesty . I really have no idea what happened . I handed over Feng Wu’s paper and she did poorly because she isn’t good enough… We as teachers only mark the papers; we really shouldn’t be blamed for their bad grades . If it were someone else… If Qingluan were to take the exam, I’m sure she’d be the best . There’s no way that she’d fail the exam . At the end of the day, Feng Wu has no one to blame but herself . Right?”

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 What do you mean by “Right?” Emperor Wu was so angry that he almost fainted!

 Zuo He! I see what you’re doing by bringing Zuo Qingluan up!

 Emperor Wu threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan and disliked Zuo Qingluan even more!

 “Jun Linyuan, you’ve decided to work against me, then?” Emperor Wu narrowed his eyes .

 Everyone else was terrified by the interaction between the father and son .

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 One was the emperor in the prime of his life and the other an exceptionally talented crown prince… What would happen if the two of them decided to turn on each other? Would the empire be ruined?

 However, Jun Linyuan only casually said, “Show me the evidence . ”

 “You’re so sure that I don’t have any proof, do you?” Emperor Wu smirked . He suddenly turned his sharp gaze on Mr Wu, who was kneeling on the ground!

 Mr Wu had been shaking the whole time, which was enough to show how terrified he was .

 Everyone here was anything but slow .

 Especially those who personally served Emperor Wu!

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 The man was the most superior figure in the empire!

 All Emperor Wu needed to do was glance at the chief steward .

 With a flip of his hand, the chief steward dragged Mr Wu to his feet!

 The highest ranking official Mr Wu had ever met before today was the principal of Imperial College; what had just happened was beyond his imagination, especially when the emperor and the crown prince had a row! He was almost frightened to death!

 “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! I had nothing to do with this! I didn’t steal Feng Wu’s paper!” Mr Wu struggled violently .

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 “Did we say that Feng Wu’s paper was stolen? How did you know that?” The chief steward grinned .

 “Huh?” Mr Wu’s head went blank . “I don’t know! I don’t know anything! I…”

 “You know everything and you’re lying!” The chief steward wrapped his fingers around Mr Wu’s throat .

 “I’m going to count to three . Tell me the truth, or not only will you die, so will your wife and kid, your clan, and your most distant relatives…

“Three, two…”

 “Alright! Alright!” Mr Wu had no choice now . It wasn’t just his life, but also those of his family and friends!

 “It was Mr Zuo! Mr Zuo put me up to it! He forced me to steal Feng Wu’s paper for him!” Mr Wu decided to pin it on Mr Zuo .


 All eyes were on Mr Zuo now!

 And Mr Zuo looked like he had been struck by a thunderbolt!

 “No! I didn’t!” Mr Zuo dropped to his knees at Emperor Wu’s feet . “Your Majesty, Wu Ming is lying and he’s making a false charge against me! There was no way that I would ask him to do such a thing! Why would I do that to a mere girl?”

 Since Mr Wu had made up his mind, he decided to go all the way . “Mr Zuo, you did it because Feng Wu did so well and her answers were impeccable . When was the last time you saw an exam paper with full marks? You didn’t do it for yourself, but for Zuo Qingluan, the future wife of the crown prince!”

 The future wife of the crown prince?! Emperor Wu smirked .

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