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Chapter 632: 632

As Zuo Qingluan’s uncle, Mr Zuo was quite an influential figure in his clan . He was in on a lot of things .

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 Zuo Qingluan herself had said something at a family meeting once .

 She said that she was going to marry Jun Linyuan and that Jun Linyuan was fond of her!

 Therefore, Mr Zuo was thrilled to see Jun Linyuan here . The young man was going to be the Zuo family’s royal son-in-law, and with the crown prince here, Mr Zuo was sure that His Majesty would cut him some slack .

 1Hence, Mr Zuo dropped to his knees with a long face . “Your Majesty, I’ve searched everywhere in the record office, but there’s no extra exam paper . The one Grand Secretary Fang handed in was really Feng Wu’s paper —”

 Emperor Wu was furious!

 This Zuo He was unbelievable! It was so obvious that his scam had been exposed, but he still insisted on his innocence! The emperor couldn’t stand this man!

 Infuriated, Emperor Wu kicked Mr Zuo’s shoulder . “You’re abominable!”

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 “Your Majesty… I haven’t done anything wrong… What on earth is happening? Your Majesty, you’re such a wise ruler that I’m sure you won’t wrong an innocent man —” Mr Zuo went on, claiming his innocence .

 A few steps away, Mr Wu had long dropped to his knees and prostrated himself on the ground . He was shaking all over .

 Finally, he knew what had happened .

 Master Bai, the chief steward, Grand Secretary Fang, His Royal Highness, and His Majesty were all here . They had all come here for Feng Wu’s exam paper…

Mr Wu was scared to death!

 He regretted what he had done so much!

 Had he known that things would go this far, he would never have stolen Feng Wu’s paper to flatter Mr Zuo! What should he do now… What to do? Kneeling there, Mr Wu shook like an autumn leaf in the wind .

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 However, all the attention was on Mr Zuo at the moment .

 Emperor Wu snorted . “Take him! I’ll decide what to do with him after we find the paper!”

 He then turned to leave!

 It wasn’t just about Feng Wu’s paper . Emperor Wu was offended mainly because he couldn’t stand the idea of his Imperial College being handled by someone like Zuo He!

 Mr Zuo had never expected Emperor Wu to dismiss him from his post without any evidence of his wrongdoing . He was furious .

 He turned to Jun Linyuan for help . “Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness, I really am innocent! I don’t know anything about this!”

 Emperor Wu flared up!

 How dare this subject turn to Jun Linyuan for help!

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 It just so happened that the crown prince was in a foul mood himself . Darting a glance at Emperor Wu, Jun Linyuan said, “Are you sure you’re going to arrest this man without any actual proof?”

 Emperor Wu was even more infuriated!

 “Jun Linyuan! Get out of my sight!”

 The crown prince always did as he pleased, not to mention that Emperor Wu had never been able to intimidate him . He only sneered at his father . “Your Majesty, you really should gather the necessary evidence first . Do you have any?”

 Emperor Wu almost exploded!

 He knew it! This brat was the bane of his life!

 Emperor Wu stamped his foot in rage and roared, “Get out! Get out of here!”

 However, Jun Linyuan sat there, unperturbed .

 The more furious Emperor Wu was, the calmer the crown prince became . He even poured himself a cup of tea and sipped on it .

 Mr Zuo was thrilled!

 Zuo Qingluan was right!

 His Royal Highness was fond of her .

 The crown prince was taking Zuo He’s side because he liked Zuo Qingluan and was willing to offend the emperor for the girl .

 Talk about priorities!

 Despite his excitement, Mr Zuo kept it to himself and still had that miserable look on his face .

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