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Chapter 631: 631
Chapter 631: His Royal Highness Is Here

A chilly air filled the room and there was a murderous look on the emperor’s face .

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Emperor Wu snorted . “You’re in charge of Imperial College at the moment . So, if you can’t find me that paper today, I’m going to hand Feng Wu your head on a plate!”

Mr Zuo drew in his breath!

He didn’t realize that it would be this serious…

Stealing a look at Emperor Wu, he saw that the latter looked like he was out to kill!

The emperor wasn’t joking .

Mr Zuo was very conflicted…

The paper was sitting in his chest pocket . Should he hand it over now…

Emperor Wu sneered at him . “Nothing is going to happen if you find that paper . Otherwise, Zuo He, I’m going to give your head to Feng Wu as compensation . ”

Mr Zuo felt like crying .

How could it be so serious?

Why had it turned into a life-threatening matter?

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What Mr Zuo didn’t know was how Jun Linyuan had taunted the emperor earlier in the imperial palace . Emperor Wu felt so humiliated! To make up for it, the emperor had made up his mind to get to the bottom of this .

“Your Majesty… may I go look for it?”

Emperor Wu looked at him with an impassive face .

He wouldn’t have been so bossy if Mr Lu were here .

No, Mr Lu would never have let such a thing happen!

Mr Zuo stepped out of the room and only had time to heave a sigh of relief when the chief steward’s voice rang out behind him .

“Mr Zuo, I’m going to keep you company . ” The chief steward smiled at him .

Could Mr Zuo say no to that? Of course not . He had to control his facial muscles and he forced a smile . “That’s great . This way, please . ”

In the record office, Mr Wu looked at Mr Zuo, flustered…

What should he do now?

Mr Zuo cast a threatening look at the teacher, warning the latter not to say a word!

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He then went off to flip through the files and he kept stealing glances at the chief steward while he pretended to look for the paper .

The chief steward’s gaze never shifted away from Mr Zuo .

Hence, Mr Zuo couldn’t find any chance to take the paper out of his pocket and put it back into the file!

What should he do?

Just then, footsteps came from outside!

Mr Zuo looked up —

His Royal Highness?

Why was he here?

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything to Mr Zuo, but only asked Feng, “What do we have here?”

Feng said, “They still haven’t found the paper . ”

Jun Linyuan smirked . Crossing his hands behind his back, he fixed his cold gaze on Mr Zuo with an indecipherable look on his face .

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“Linyuan, why are you here?” Hearing the noise, Emperor Wu led a team of people toward the record office and spotted Jun Linyuan as soon as he walked in .

Apparently, the brat was intrigued as well .

Jun Linyuan sneered, sat down on a chair, and remained silent .

And he was giving off an air that said “I’m not happy and I want to kill someone . ”

Everyone tried to stay as far away from him as possible…

Emperor Wu found it rather strange . Could anyone piss off Jun Linyuan like this?

This wasn’t right . His son always took revenge on the spot and never kept his enemy alive longer than necessary .

Someone in this empire could actually irritate the boy like this and he still hadn’t killed them yet?

Emperor Wu found it incredible!

Sensing his father’s curious gaze, Jun Linyuan cast an intimidating look at Emperor Wu!

And it reminded the emperor of an angry wolf!

Emperor Wu cleared his throat .

What a brat! Even he himself couldn’t withstand the boy’s fury — so who could? Emperor Wu really wanted to know the answer .

However, he had to keep his focus on Mr Zuo at the moment .

“Found it yet?”

Mr Zuo was going to hand over the paper, but now, he decided against it . He would insist that he didn’t know!

Because… His Royal Highness was here .

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