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Chapter 630: 630
Chapter 630: Pay Back With Your Life!

Poor Yu Mingye . It was only a few days ago when he was stood up by Jun Linyuan and spent a whole night on a tower in the cold . He ended up catching a bad cold and doing poorly in the exam . He had yet to recover, and now this happened —

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With a whooshing sound, Yu Mingye was tossed out of the courtyard!

Feng Wu watched as Yu Mingye flew further and further away through the air… She couldn’t believe it!

“Jun Linyuan! What the hell? Have you lost your mind again?!” Feng Wu glared at him .

The crown prince snorted!

After everything he had done for her, this was what she did in return? And she was yelling at him!

Jun Linyuan was so mad!

“You want to pass the exam? Forget it!” Jun Linyuan stormed off!

And he disappeared out of sight almost immediately .

Feng Wu was speechless .

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Less than three seconds had passed from Jun Linyuan showing up to his departure . Hence, when Chaoge and the others rushed out, all they saw was the rubble on the ground and the big hole in the wall .

Duan Chaoge stared in shocked silence .

Feng Xiaoqi didn’t know what to say .

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

Qiuling asked, “…Miss, what happened? Was someone here?”

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead .

What did Jun Linyuan mean by that?

She might actually fail the exam if he stuck his nose in it .

However, her exam result was directly related to the broken star piece, which in turn… was the only chance of saving her beautiful master! Feng Wu had never felt so agitated!

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Jun Linyuan left the Feng manor with a livid face and in a foul mood .

Walking behind Jun Linyuan, Chang San didn’t dare utter a word, seeing how infuriated his master was .


Jun Linyuan kicked the door to Mr Zuo’s office open .

Everyone inside turned their heads in his direction, astonished .

Emperor Wu had arrived at Imperial College earlier in a threatening manner!

Seeing that the emperor had come all the way here himself, Mr Zuo’s stomach lurched . He had a bad feeling about this .

Had he bitten off more than he could chew?

Emperor Wu glared at Mr Zuo as soon as he walked in and cut to the chase . “You have one minute to hand over Feng Wu’s paper, or there will be consequences!”

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“Your Majesty —” Mr Zuo dropped to his knees and tried to explain, but Emperor Wu only waved him off .

“I don’t want an explanation . ”

Mr Zuo felt like crying .

Emperor Wu was anything but mild-tempered . Starting off his career as a military man, he was known for his decisiveness and relentless stratagems . He had only stopped executing people as frequently after he got older, which made him seem more approachable than he really was .

Mr Zuo wailed, “But Your Majesty, I’ve handed over Miss Feng Wu’s paper already… Where am I supposed to find another one?”

Emperor Wu smirked, then smacked the replica on Mr Zuo’s face . “Zuo He! Do you seriously think you can fool me with this?!”

The paper hit Mr Zuo on the face, then fell to the floor, landing right in front of Mr Zuo .

Mr Zuo took a glance —

And his heart skipped a beat!

It was the paper he had written himself!

His Majesty… had seen through it!

Mr Zuo’s pupils contracted and he was so nervous!

Damn it… How could His Majesty have realized it? Was His Majesty just probing, or did he have any actual proof?

“Your Majesty, t- this is Miss Feng Wu’s paper . ” Mr Zuo decided to stick with his plan . “Please have a look at the serial number . It’s 10001 . And there’s the name…”

Emperor Wu only smirked .

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