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Chapter 629: 629

Jun Linyuan didn’t go, for he knew that Emperor Wu would be enough for the job .

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 However, at the thought of what they tried to do to that girl… Jun Linyuan smirked . He darted a look at Feng, who nodded back at him, indicating that he would make sure things went as planned .

 Jun Linyuan’s heart melted a little at the thought of the girl…

Once he left the imperial palace, Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but head for the Feng manor .

 There was no way the girl knew about this, and he was going to make her sweat a little .

 Meanwhile, in the Feng manor —

 Yu Mingye had been there since earlier that morning .

 “Oh my, Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —” Yu Mingye waved the list around in Feng Wu’s face . “You didn’t get in!”

 Feng Wu was making tea in the yard .

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 Chaoge and Feng Xiaoqi were both cultivating .

 Feng Wu was making Quling tea, which could help consolidate achievements in cultivation .

 Yu Mingye rushed over, grabbed a cup of tea, and downed it in one go .

 “So hot, so hot, so hot —” Yu Mingye thought his tongue was going to be blistered by the scalding water and he hopped around like a little boy .

 Feng Wu threw him a dirty look . “It’s not ready yet . What’s the rush?”

 Yu Mingye hissed . “You have no idea how good your Quling tea smells! We make the tea at home ourselves and we even hired the best tea master to do it for us . But it’s nothing compared with yours . ”

 Feng Wu was secretly pleased . Of course she was the best! Her beautiful master taught her the skill himself! With such a strict teacher, how could she be anything but the best?


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Feng Wu then realized that after all the tea she made, her beautiful master hadn’t been able to drink any of it . When he finally obtained a physical form, that incident took place .

 Zuo Qingluan!

 Feng Wu took a deep breath and there was a murderous look in her eyes!

 Everything quieted down . Even the air seemed to freeze!

 “Hey — Little Feng Wu, what’s wrong?” Yu Mingye put his hands on Feng Wu’s slim shoulders and looked concerned . “Why are you so quiet? Are you crying? Shit . Seriously? All I did was steal a cup of tea from you! There’s really —”

 However —

 At that critical moment!

 Jun Linyuan arrived!

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 He saw Yu Mingye holding Feng Wu in his arms as soon as he jumped onto the wall of Fallen Star Yard!

 From his angle, the two looked so intimate .

 Instantly, Jun Linyuan felt blood rush into his head!

 His mind went blank and he was overwhelmed with rage!

 Feng Wu!

 I tricked the emperor to bring you justice, but what are you doing? You’re cuddling with another man here?

 Jun Linyuan’s first reaction was to kill Yu Mingye right here and now .


 Before he could do anything, the wall went down under his feet!

 It collapsed…

With a crashing sound, the bricks crumbled to the ground .

 Feng Wu and Yu Mingye turned their heads in unison at the sound .

 They saw Jun Linyuan standing there like a furious lion . Flames seemed to surge from his head and he looked like he was going to set the sky on fire!

 Feng Wu shoved Yu Mingye involuntarily . “Run!”

 Run? Before Yu Mingye could do anything, Jun Linyuan went up to him and grabbed him by the collar .

 Feng Wu was vexed . “Jun Linyuan, let him go!”

 Speaking up for Yu Mingye only made it worse .

 With a smirk, Jun Linyuan tossed Yu Mingye over the wall!

 He tossed him out… just like that…

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