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Chapter 628: 628

Emperor Wu had started saying good things about Feng Wu and he wasn’t going to stop there . “Look at these answers . It’s no surprise that she can get all the memorization questions right, but look at her answer for section four . ”

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 Emperor Wu couldn’t suppress the amazement in his voice . “See? How innovative! How smart! One look and you know she’s so well-versed . What a rare talent!”

 Jun Linyuan snorted a little . He had known that all along!

 However —

 Jun Linyuan asked, “Was she absent from the entrance exam?”

 “No, she wasn’t . ”

 “Where’s her paper, then?” Jun Linyuan gave Emperor Wu a sidelong glance .

 Emperor Wu said, “Well… about that…”

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 “She failed?” Jun Linyuan gave him a half-smile .

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless .

 “Your Majesty, you’re not doing a good job as emperor, you know?” Jun Linyuan said sarcastically .

 Someone was trying to mess with his little Feng Wu? Interesting .

 Little Feng Wu was his to pick on and his alone! Anyone else who tried to do that could go to hell!

 Emperor Wu couldn’t stand Jun Linyuan’s sneer and smacked the table hard . “This is unacceptable! How can such a talented person be excluded? These people are so untrustworthy! Where —”

 “I’ll go get it . ” Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and his eyes glinted coldly .

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 How dare they do this to his girl? They had to have a death wish!

 Just then, footsteps came from outside .

 The chief steward entered the hall . “Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, Master Bai and Grand Secretary Fang are back —”

 Emperor Wu said to Jun Linyuan, “I sent them to Imperial College to look into this; I’m sure they’re back with Xiao Wu’s paper . ”

 However, Grand Secretary Fang looked furious when he walked in .

 Emperor Wu frowned . “What’s wrong?”

 Master Bai smiled bitterly . “Your Majesty, Mr Zuo showed us to the record office himself and found us Miss Feng Wu’s paper . However, Grand Secretary Fang doesn’t seem pleased . ”

 Not pleased? Emperor Wu looked at Grand Secretary Fang, bewildered .

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 Grand Secretary Fang didn’t say a word and only showed Emperor Wu the paper .

 Picking up the paper, Emperor Wu said, “Why, this is Xiao Wu’s paper . Look at that handwriting . Those strokes . They’re so pretty . ”

 However, Emperor Wu frowned as he began to read the answers, for there were so many red crosses on the paper that it looked so shocking .

 “So many errors? That’s not possible!” Emperor Wu cried out in surprise!

 Jun Linyuan frowned and snatched the paper from Emperor Wu’s hands . He only took one look before tossing it back on the table . He snorted . “This isn’t her paper . ”

 “Are you sure?” Emperor Wu frowned .

 Jun Linyuan sneered . “They only mimicked her handwriting, but not its spirit . Such a rough replica is just a joke!”

 Luckily, Feng Wu’s other exam papers were here and Emperor Wu could draw comparisons between them .

 The difference was apparent as soon as the two exam sets were put side by side!

 Emperor Wu’s face turned livid right away!

 Jun Linyuan smirked . “Your Majesty, you’re doing such a great job running this empire . People are actually trying to fool you with a replica exam paper . You’re so getting laughed at!”

 Emperor Wu was already vexed and Jun Linyuan’s sarcastic comment only infuriated him further!


 He smacked his table hard . “I’ll have a look myself!”

 “Your Majesty —” Seeing that things were turning south, Master Bai tried to talk Emperor Wu out of it . However, Emperor Wu kicked him away before he could speak . “Shut up and get out of my way!”

 Emperor Wu then charged out, headed for Imperial College!

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