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Chapter 627

However, Jun Linyuan reached out with his long arms before Emperor Wu could finish his sentence!

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Emperor Wu’s heart sank —

 Oh no!

 Jun Linyuan abhorred Feng Wu and he would explode when he saw her name .

 As expected, the look on Jun Linyuan’s face changed when he picked up the stack of papers and saw the name on them .

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless .

 Shit . The kid was going to have a tantrum .

 1However, to Emperor Wu’s surprise, Jun Linyuan didn’t flare up right away, despite his livid face . Instead, he read the answers carefully and looked through the stack page by page .

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 Emperor Wu forced a smile . “Oh my, it’s not worth reading at all . Here, take these away —”

 The chief steward only took one step forward when Jun Linyuan stopped him with a wave of his right hand .

 The chief steward paused, smiled bitterly, and gave Emperor Wu an awkward look .

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless .

 He could only gesture at the chief steward to stay put .

 Jun Linyuan said unhurriedly, “These exam papers…”

 Emperor Wu decided that he shouldn’t compliment the girl, or the kid would pick on her later . Xiao Wu was innocent!

 Emperor Wu forced a smile . “Well, she’s alright, I guess . Hahaha —”

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 Jun Linyuan darted a look at Emperor Wu . “…Alright?”

 “Yes . Look, she only got 210 . There’s nothing special about her paper . Just put it away . ”

 Jun Linyuan turned the page, revealing the second exam set . 220 .

 The next set scored 230 .

 And he turned the pages until the last one, which scored 290 .

 Jun Linyuan glanced at Emperor Wu and casually said, “…She’s alright, you guess?”

 Emperor Wu coughed .

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 You brat . I only said that to please you! I wouldn’t have belittled Xiao Wu if it wasn’t for you!

 “Feng Wu?” Picking up the exam paper with 290 points, Jun Linyuan darted a look at the name, then turned to Emperor Wu . “Who’s she?”

 Had he forgotten about her? He didn’t know who little Feng Wu was? Emperor Wu was elated and waved his hands . “She’s nobody! Not worth remembering at all!”

 Jun Linyuan said, “…As in the fifth daughter of the Feng clan?”

 So, you knew all along! Emperor Wu looked at Jun Linyuan in resignation . “Yes . ”

Jun Linyuan feigned an indifferent tone . “Why is her paper here?”

Emperor Wu knew that he couldn’t keep it from his son . The brat could find out on his own anyway .

“Grand Secretary Fang brought it to me . ”

 Jun Linyuan nodded, as if he couldn’t give a damn . “She did pretty well . ”

 Pretty well… Emperor Wu darted a look at Jun Linyuan in surprise .

 Less than a handful of people could get such a positive comment from Jun Linyuan .

 Seeing that Jun Linyuan wasn’t mad, Emperor Wu stopped trying to hide his appreciation for Feng Wu .

 “Hahaha, she really is pretty good . That handwriting alone is so pleasing to the eye . ” Emperor Wu grinned . “And look at these exam papers —”

 Emperor Wu explained in a proud tone, “According to Grand Secretary Fang, Xiao Wu did the first set seven days ago and the last set was done a day before the entrance exam . She improved from 210 to 290 in seven days! How amazing is that?!”

 Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Emperor Wu and looked pleased . Of course she was amazing . She was his girl!

 1However, he only cleared his throat and said indifferently, “Fine . ”

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