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Chapter 622: 622

Feng Xiaoqi read the list from the first name to the last and his face darkened!

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 “What’s wrong?” Seeing the look on Xiaoqi’s face, Chaoge went up to him .

 And she was surprised by the list as well!

 “Where’s Xiao Wu?!” Chaoge almost jumped to her feet . “Why isn’t Xiao Wu on it?”

 Feng Liu guffawed . “Why should her name be there? She was never going to get in . ”

 “Bullshit!” Chaoge was furious . “There’s no way that Xiao Wu failed!”

 “But she’s just not on the list . ” Feng Liu shrugged smugly .

 With a tearing sound, Chaoge ripped the list in half . “It’s fake!”

 Feng Liu went wild . “How dare you tear it up! I’m gonna kill you!”

 At those words, Feng Liu raised a hand and tried to slap Chaoge!

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 Chaoge smirked .

 I’d like to see you try!

 Chaoge was as capable as Feng Liu now, if not better .

 Grabbing Feng Liu by the wrist, Chaoge was going to throw Feng Liu out!

 Lady Wang wouldn’t let that happen . With a wave of her hand, all her servants rushed at Chaoge!

 Feng Xiaoqi realized that they would soon be outnumbered!

 An idea then struck him .

 Grabbing Chaoge, they backed away onto the stairs .

 What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

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 Feng Xiaoqi smashed a glass bottle in a corner to pieces!

 His sister told him that she had set up a protective formation in this courtyard and that the glass bottle was the trigger!

 At the smashing sound!

 Feng Liu saw the clear blue sky suddenly turn overcast as dark clouds began to gather!

 The even ground became a swamp under her feet .

 Not only herself, everyone else in the courtyard seemed to be surrounded by the swamp!

 “Ahh!” Feng Liu screamed all of a sudden . “I’m sinking! Ahhh! There’s so much mud! Help me! Help!”

 As a matter of fact, from Feng Xiaoqi’s point of view, Feng Liu was standing in a shallow pit about 5cm deep .

 Lady Wang looked equally flustered . She tried her best to reach for Feng Liu, but they seemed to be worlds apart .

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 Exasperated, Lady Wang waved her arms and cried out, “Xiao Liu! Hang on! I’m coming for you!”

 To Feng Xiaoqi, the two of them were only a meter away from each other .

 Feng Xiaoqi didn’t know what to say .

 Chaoge was rendered speechless .

 And the rest of Feng Wu’s family was speechless as well .

 This was amazing!

 They couldn’t believe what they were seeing .

 In their eyes, all these people were making painful faces and struggling like ducks in a thunderstorm when nothing was actually happening to them…

However, Feng Liu and Lady Wang were experiencing something completely different .

 They really thought that they were in a thunderstorm!

 The sky was dark, lightning was flashing overhead, and they were being pulled down into the swamp .

 The sticky mud had risen to their thighs, stomachs, chests…

“Mum! Help me! Help me, Mum! I’m sinking! Help —”

 “Hang on! I’m coming! I’m going to swim across the river and help you!”

 While Feng Liu and Lady Wang were crying their eyes out, Chaoge and the others stared at the so-called river between the mother and daughter .

 There was no such river . The only thing between them was a piece of straw that Granny Zhao had missed when she swept the floor that morning .

 And the rest of Feng Wu’s family was speechless as well .

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