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Published at 15th of May 2020 02:35:33 PM
Chapter 621

“Miss Liu?” Granny Zhao stiffened when she saw Feng Liu . When she spotted Lady Wang behind Feng Liu, she wanted to stop them at the gate .

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 However, Feng Liu didn’t give her that chance .

 Feng Liu gave it a shove and Granny Zhao stumbled back .

 Instantly, everyone inside the yard turned to look in that direction .

 “Feng Liu!” Duan Chaoge was the first to stand up and glare at Feng Liu .

 Feng Xiaoqi and the others rose to their feet as well and were all alarmed, as if enemies had just stepped into their home .

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 “Oh my, is everything alright? Calm down, do calm down . We’re all family here . Now, please take a seat and let’s chat . ” Lady Wang smiled .

 She decided that she was going to get back at these people for everything they had put her through outside Imperial College before the exam started .

 Hence, she asked everyone to sit back down .

 “Kindness doesn’t suit you!” Shielding the beautiful lady with her own body, Chaoge glared at Feng Liu and Lady Wang . “You’re not welcome here! Get lost now! You’ll be in so much trouble when Xiao Wu gets back!”

 Chaoge knew that Feng Wu’s top priority was to keep her mother safe . Hence, she had to protect the beautiful lady from all harm!

 “Oh my, I was wondering who that voice belonged to . So, it’s you, Duan Chaoge . Duan . Chao . Ge . Aren’t you from the Duan family? Who are you to point your finger around in my home? Who gave you the right? Go back to your own home now!” Feng Liu said in a harsh tone .

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 Anyone else would have been so abashed by now, but not Chaoge . She shoved Feng Liu with rage . “Who am I? I’m much closer to Xiao Wu than you are! Who the hell are you to say those things to me?!”

 “You!” Feng Liu was furious .

 To make it worse, Feng Xiaoqi stepped out and glared at Feng Liu . “You’re not welcome here! Go away!”

 Feng Liu was so mad she thought that she was going to lose her mind!Read more chapter on v ip novel . com

 However, she smirked all of a sudden . “Feng Xiaoqi, what makes you think you can be so arrogant? Do you really think your sister will be going to Imperial College? In her dreams!”

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 To Feng Xiaoqi, his sister was the best and no one was allowed to say otherwise!

 He could live with Feng Liu insulting him, but he wouldn’t let the woman say anything bad about his sister!

 Feng Xiaoqi exploded right away . “My sister isn’t going to Imperial College? Ha! I’m telling you, not only will my sister be going to Imperial College, she’s going to get in as the top student!”

 Duan Chaoge rested her hands on her waist . “And she’s going to get full marks as well!”

 Exchanging looks with Lady Wang, Feng Liu couldn’t control herself anymore . “Pffft — hahahahaha — oh god, hahahaha —”

 Seeing that Feng Liu was cracking up, Feng Xiaoqi was infuriated . “Stop laughing!”

 It was as if they had told her a joke .

 “Hahahaha — the top student? Full marks? Hahahaha —” Feng Liu laughed so hard that she could barely stand still . “That’s just so funny, hahahaha —”

 Feng Xiaoqi flared up . “Get out! Get out now!”

 “Hahahaha —” Feng Liu laughed until she was in tears . She took the unannounced list from her chest pocket and tossed it at Feng Xiaoqi . “Here’s the list that’s been going around . Try to find your sister’s name on it . ”

 Feng Xiaoqi didn’t want to do as told, but he was too curious . In the end, he slowly unfolded it —

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