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Chapter 620: 620

When it came to Feng Wu, Feng Liu was in fact intimidated by this sister of hers despite her apparent contempt . That was something that had been ingrained into her when she was little .

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 Feng Liu quickly went through the names .

 Feng Wu wasn’t on the first page .

 Or the second page .

 Or the third .

 She read all the way down to the tenth page!

 And the 999th name was Yu Mingye!

 “Is this list the real deal?” Because of the cold, Feng Liu didn’t feel very well . However, she jumped out of bed after looking through the list and grabbed Caiyue in excitement . “Is it real? Is it?!”

 “The young master brought it back himself . It has to be . ”

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 “Hahaha, hahahaha —” Feng Liu was so excited that she looked insane . She was crying and laughing at the same time .

 Even Lady Wang heard the noise and came in a hurry to check up on Feng Liu .

 “Mother, hahaha, look at this list!” Feng Liu said in an agitated tone . “Look!”

 “The list is out?” Lady Wang took the list and began to look through the names .

 Her eyes lit up when she reached the bottom . “Xiao Liu, you’re the 1000th!”

 That was enough to get Feng Liu into one of the finest classes in Imperial College, where she would be able to enjoy a lot of resources .

 “Mother, I still have to get through the physical tryout . ” Feng Liu sounded very pleased .

 “Wait a minute!” Lady Wang cried out in surprise . “Feng Wu isn’t here?”

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 Lady Wang thought the same as Feng Liu: no matter how much contempt they displayed toward Feng Wu, they were secretly on guard against her, for she had been simply too talented before .

 That was until they read that list —

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu let out breaths of relief in unison .

 “The weather is really nice today . Do you want to take a walk?” Lady Wang proposed .

 “Of course!” Feng Liu said in excitement .

 And naturally, they headed for Feng Wu’s Fallen Star Yard .

 In Fallen Star Yard —

 Feng Wu’s beautiful mother was sewing an exquisite dress in the courtyard .

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 “Xiao Wu is going to college soon and I’ll make sure she has the prettiest dress . ” The beautiful lady was embroidering a pink flower on the sleeve as she chatted with Granny Zhao, who was busy with household chores .

Granny Zhao nodded with a smile . “Miss Wu is brilliant . I’m sure she’ll do great . ”

 Feng Xiaoqi, who was chewing on a pancake, grinned . “My sister is the best! She’ll get nothing but the highest score!”

 Chaoge added in excitement, “The highest? Xiao Wu will get full marks! I’m sure of it!”

 Uncle Qiu, who was cultivating on the side, gave them a wry smile .

 Each one of them had higher hopes than the last .

 Luckily, Miss Wu was worth all that expectation .

 Everyone was home except for Feng Wu .

 While they were enjoying themselves in the yard —

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu arrived with a bunch of servants .

 Despite Fallen Star Yard’s high wall, they heard everything inside .

 Feng Liu almost burst out laughing when she heard the conversation .

 “Hahaha, hahahaha —” Feng Liu couldn’t wait to see their disappointed faces .

 “Open up! Open up now!” Feng Liu banged on the door, puffed up with arrogance .

 “Who is it?” Granny Zhao was washing some clothes . She feared that the clothes might be tampered with if they were washed by someone else, so she had always done the work herself .

 Granny Zhao rose to her feet, dried her hands on her apron, and went to answer the door .

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