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Chapter 619: 619

Neither enjoyed the other party’s presence .

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 Grand Secretary Fang stared at Master Bai . “What if I can give you proof?”

 “I’m all ears, then . I’m very curious myself about what kind of wonderful young woman Miss Feng Wu has turned into . Your Majesty, I’m very doubtful on this point . ” Master Bai smiled .

 Grand Secretary Fang snorted, took out a stack of exam papers, and put it on Emperor Wu’s table . “Your Majesty, please have a look . ”

 “What are these?” Emperor Wu narrowed his eyes .

 Grand Secretary Fang said, “This is Feng Wu’s first go at the exam paper seven days ago . ”

 Emperor Wu picked up the first one, which had the same handwriting as the one Grand Secretary Fang showed him earlier . However, quite a few marks had been deducted .

 “She only got a little over 200 . ” Emperor Wu frowned .

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 “Yes . Your Majesty, please turn to the next page,” Grand Secretary Fang said with a smile . “I’ve been giving Xiao Wu an exam paper every day, and she made unbelievable progress . ”

 Emperor Wu checked the second exam paper and saw that Feng Wu scored 230 .

 The third set, 240 .

 The fourth set, 250 .

 And she scored 290 in the ninth set!

 Emperor Wu looked at Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment . “This is…”

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 “Her speed of progress is marvelous, isn’t it?” Grand Secretary Fang sighed with emotion . “In those seven days, Xiao Wu memorized all 1000 books from the must-read list and read 10,000 extracurricular books . That’s why she was able to do better in each paper and at such an amazing speed!”

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless .

 “I don’t buy it . ” Master Bai’s voice dripped with acid . “No one can memorize that much in seven days – normal people wouldn’t even be able to finish turning all those pages . Grand Secretary Fang, you’re just exaggerating . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang really wanted to kick Master Bai’s ass now!

 He smirked . “Speak for yourself . What do you know about Xiao Wu? Why do you think she was able to get full marks?”

 “Well, we don’t know how reliable that claim is yet…” Master Bai said sarcastically .

 Emperor Wu frowned!

 He had to get to the bottom of this!

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 Grand Secretary Fang threw a dirty look at Master Bai, then turned to Emperor Wu . “Your Majesty, may I go to Imperial College now to fetch Xiao Wu’s exam paper?”

 Emperor Wu nodded . “Master Bai, go with Grand Secretary Fang . ”

 “Yes, Your Majesty . ”

 Master Bai then went to Imperial College with Grand Secretary Fang .

 At the same time .

 The list of the top 1000 candidates had already started to get around .

 After all, His Majesty had seen the exam papers already .

 The information was leaked .

 The Feng clan .

 “What?! I got in?” Feng Liu, who was bedridden with a bad cold, jumped to her feet and was overwhelmed with excitement . “I’m in? I passed the written exam? Hahahaha! I really did?”

 “Yes, Miss Liu . ” Caiyue, Feng Liu’s chambermaid, whispered in her ear, “Miss, the list is for sale already and it’s really expensive . Young Master Feng bought a copy with 100 bronze coins . ”

 “Show me! I want to see it!” Thrilled, Feng Liu snatched the list out of Caiyue’s hand .

 She began to look for her name from the top down .

 And she finally found it at the bottom of the list!

 “Hahahaha! I’m the 1000th!” Feng Liu was elated . “Didn’t Feng Wu take the exam as well? Is she in?”

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