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Chapter 618: 618

Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t hold back his anger . “Xiao Wu’s paper isn’t here!”

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 Emperor Wu was shocked .

 That was impossible . If Grand Secretary Fang was telling the truth and Feng Wu really had written down those answers from memory, she could get nothing but full marks, which would shock the entire empire!

 The first candidate with full marks in history!

 The emperor himself had put all the memorials aside just to read her paper, but it wasn’t here?

 “How is that possible?” Emperor Wu’s face darkened .

 Grand Secretary Fang put the stack he checked in front of Emperor Wu and shook his head . “I’ve checked every page . Hers isn’t here . ”

 The chief steward also shook his head when he put down his stack .

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 “There are a thousand sets here! Xiao Wu couldn’t have gotten such a low score!” Emperor Wu found it ridiculous .

 He wouldn’t believe it!

 Hence, the emperor himself began to read each page in turn .

 The exam papers were put together from the highest mark to the lowest .

 The one on the very top belonged to a teenager named Ning Chenxi, who scored 250 .

 Such a score would have made him first in the previous year . However, after reading Feng Wu’s answers, Emperor Wu found Ning Chenxi’s answers nothing special at all .

 Emperor Wu read each one in turn until he reached the last one, which belonged to Yu Mingye .

 Yu Mingye hadn’t taken the exam seriously . He only scored enough to pass .

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 After searching through everything himself, Emperor Wu realized in astonishment that Feng Wu really wasn’t included!

 There were only two possibilities . One was that Feng Wu did really badly and failed the exam .

 The other possibility was that someone had tried something behind his back .

 Emperor Wu wasn’t happy with either option .

 More than one senior eunuch served Emperor Wu .

 Aside from the chief steward, there was also a Master Bai .

 And he said in an unhurried tone, “Is it possible that Miss Feng Wu didn’t do a great job?”

 Grand Secretary Fang flared up!

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 He cast a stern look at Master Bai . “Master Bai, what are you trying to say? Are you accusing me of lying?”

 “Grand Secretary Fang, please don’t be mad . I didn’t mean that…” Master Bai smiled and remained unperturbed . “It’s just that at your age, maybe you don’t remember things as clearly as you did before . ”

 “Heh, you might as well call me a dotard!” Grand Secretary Fang smirked .

 Luckily, Feng Wu had stuffed some papers in his pocket before he left for the imperial palace, or he would have had no proof now .

 Grand Secretary Fang’s stomach lurched when he remembered that .

 Had the girl given him her previous exam papers because she had anticipated this?

 But how?

 Was it because he had told her that Mr Lu had gone into seclusion and Mr Zuo was the acting principal at the moment?

 Exactly how clear-minded was this girl, to be able to have such forethought?

 Meanwhile, Emperor Wu was staring at Grand Secretary Fang and he was getting suspicious .

 Master Bai tried to aggravate that suspicion . “Grand Secretary Fang, it’s only common sense that Miss Feng Wu can’t be that perfect . Did you dream everything up?”

 Emperor Wu found Grand Secretary Fang even more dubious .

 For he trusted Master Bai a lot .

 And Grand Secretary Fang’s retirement actually had a lot to do with Master Bai .

Therefore —

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