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Chapter 614: 614

Mr Wu didn’t know what to say when he read through exam paper No . 1000 .

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 The candidate had answered every question fully, but only got 179 .

 The score wasn’t even high enough to pass the exam, let alone be ranked among the top 1000 .

 Feng Wu, don’t blame me . You’re just unlucky!

 At that thought, Mr Wu looked around to make sure that no one was paying attention to his corner —

 Then, he quietly removed Feng Wu’s paper from the stack and stashed it in his chest pocket .

 After that, he changed the 1000 to 10001 .

 The exam papers were registered by serial number, and the actual names of the candidates were irrelevant .

 Feng Wu didn’t know that her paper had been taken away .

 No one did, except for Mr Wu .

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 Soon, all the exam papers had been marked . The failures were sealed away while the top 1000 were sent to court for the emperor to look through .

 The emperor had never requested to see the exam papers before, and it would have been all up to Mr Zuo .

 However, this year, His Majesty had sent his personal steward over to pick up the 1000 exam papers .

 But only Mr Lu knew about this . The junior teachers such as Mr Wu didn’t have that information .

 Right now, Mr Wu was knocking on Mr Zuo’s door with Feng Wu’s paper in his pocket .

 Mr Zuo frowned, but still let the man in .

 Mr Wu hesitated .

 Mr Zuo grew impatient . “Speak now or get out!”

 “Sir, this…” Mr Wu hinted with his eyes .

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 Mr Zuo was about to kick Mr Wu out when the latter whispered, “…Feng Wu . ”

 That name was a big taboo in the Zuo family .

 “Go make us some tea . ”

 Mr Zuo instructed his servant .

 Once the servant was gone, Mr Wu took the exam paper from his pocket and laid it carefully on Mr Zuo’s table .

 “What’s this?” Instead of looking at the paper, Mr Zuo stared at Mr Wu .

 Mr Wu smiled obsequiously . “This is Feng Wu’s exam paper . ”

 Mr Zuo didn’t let his face betray anything . He cast a stern look at Mr Wu, then picked up the paper .

 He frowned as soon as he recognized the texture of the paper and the text format .

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 “It’s Feng Wu’s paper for the entrance exam . I happened to come across it when I was correcting the papers, so I took it out,” said Mr Wu in satisfaction .

 Mr Zuo stared at the paper .

 He didn’t think much of it at first, but soon, the frown on his face grew bigger!


 It was a perfect, impeccable paper!

 It was unbelievable!

 There were no mistakes at all in section one!

 And section two!

 And section three!

 And section four!

 And section five!

 “I can’t deduct a single point from the answers…” Mr Wu had read through Feng Wu’s paper and had tried his best to find some error in her answers, but couldn’t .

 “It’s perfect . Flawless…” Mr Zuo could do nothing but compliment the answers and his mouth fell open in amazement .

 Even he, the deputy principal of Imperial College and a superior cultivator, was astonished by Feng Wu’s answers .

That was how outstanding her answers were!

 “Such a talented girl… such a talented girl…” Mr Zuo then thought of Zuo Qingluan .

 For he was none other than Zuo Qingluan’s uncle .

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