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Chapter 613

However, Mr Lu had had an epiphany today and had gone into seclusion . Hence, Mr Zuo, the deputy principal, became the chief examiner instead .

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 If Feng Wu were here today, she would recognize Mr Zuo right away, for he was among those who had attacked her five years ago!

 The exam papers were divided into ten batches and each teacher was to correct 1000 exam papers .

 The teacher for the ninth group was Mr Wu, whose family was connected to the Zuo family by marriage .

 One look at this exam paper and he was struck with awe!

 The answers were perfect!

 Who on earth was this candidate?

 He had no idea that such a brilliant student existed in the empire!

 Mr Wu knew how the stickers were put on and he managed to remove a corner without tearing the exam paper . His heart skipped a beat as soon as he took a peek at the name!

 Feng Wu?!

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 It couldn’t be!

 Mr Wu knew about Feng Wu taking part in the exam, for everyone had heard about the incident with the authenticity of the exam permit before the exam started .

 “Feng Wu? How can it be?” Mr Wu was so curious that he removed the sticker a little bit further .

 He then saw the serial number on the paper .


 Mr Wu nearly fainted!

 The serial number read 10001 . Feng Wu entered the exam on recommendation and she was an addition to the 10,000 candidates, hence the 10001 .

 And that was precisely the number on her exam paper!

 Mr Wu’s hands jolted and he almost knocked over the inkstone on his desk .

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 “Mr Wu?”

 Mr Zhao, who sat opposite Mr Wu, looked at him in bewilderment . “Are you alright?”

 Mr Wu broke into a cold sweat . “I’m fine . Just hungry, I guess . ”

 “You don’t say . Our workload is unbelievable . To finish correcting all these exam papers in three days, we’ll have to work around the clock . Well, we’re halfway done, at least . ”

 Mr Wu nodded .

 He was talking to Mr Zhao, but he didn’t hear anything Mr Zhao said .

 He was overwhelmed with astonishment!

 This paper…

This paper…

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“Mr Wu, how are your candidates doing? Anyone good?” Mr Zhao complained, “Mine aren’t doing great at all . The questions are so hard this year that I don’t think we’ll have many high scores . ”

 Mr Wu said involuntarily, “…Yeah, I haven’t seen any exceptional candidates either . ”

 After that, Mr Wu went back to staring at the paper and tried to think .


 10001… If he could find the paper with the serial number 1000, he could easily replace Feng Wu’s paper with it .

 An evil idea took root in Mr Wu’s head .

 He had been trying to get the position of deputy dean . With Mr Lu in seclusion, it would be down to Mr Zuo, the deputy principal, to make the decision .

 The Zuo family would never stand to see Feng Wu rise .

 Back then, although the Zuo family had done everything they could to cover up the truth, Mr Wu was among those who knew what really happened!

 Should he take the risk? Mr Wu was conflicted .

 Looking up, he saw Mr Zhao opposite him .

 Mr Zhao was older, more experienced, and more capable… Moreover, Mr Zhao was one of his main competitors for this position!

 At that thought, Mr Wu moved into action —

 And it was his lucky day!

 The paper with the serial number 1000 just happened to be in his stack!

 Seriously? What a happy coincidence! Mr Wu was shocked himself!

 Someone up there was doing him a favor!

 If… if this candidate No . 1000 just happened to fail the exam, well…

Thinking that, Mr Wu flipped through this exam paper —

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