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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:07 PM
Chapter 600: 600

Chapter 600 Heart Racing!

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It would be much easier if all Feng Wu wanted was to get the highest mark of all the students, but she needed more than that . She had to get full marks!

Otherwise, her broken star piece —

Feng Wu took a deep breath . When she opened her eyes again, she stared at Jun Linyuan, looking disgruntled .

She wouldn’t be so helpless over this question if he hadn’t made her slept!

She was displeased?

Jun Linyuan frowned .

He had postponed Imperial College’s entrance exam for her alone . Shouldn’t she feel a debt of gratitude for his kind act and wag her tail at him like a puppy now?

Instead, she was giving him attitude .

That upset His Royal Highness right away!


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Feng Wu grunted inwardly, feeling as angry as she was aggrieved . She picked a random answer, then moved on to section four .

She made a mental note to come back to this question and give it another go once she finished all the other sections .

Section four was Feng Wu’s favorite .

Analyzing techniques and manuals and coming up with innovations – this was practically handing marks to Feng Wu on a plate .

She could already get full marks on questions like these when she was five years old .

Section five was on auxiliary skills .

And Feng Wu was even more confident about this section .

She had more knowledge on auxiliary skills than experienced teachers in Imperial College… more so than the teachers who came up with these questions . No question they designed would be close enough to defeat Feng Wu, and she would get full marks without breaking a sweat!

The entire exam took four hours in total .

But it only took Feng Wu half an hour to finish all the questions .

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Once she was done with her own, she proceeded to Chaoge’s .

“Feng Tutu! Feng Tutu!”

Feng Wu closed her eyes and called Feng Tutu, who lay in Chaoge’s pocket, in her head .

The cub had finally gotten enough sleep and woke up at Feng Wu’s call . It rubbed its eyes and yawned .

“I’ll speak and you’ll write on Chaoge’s stomach . Understand?” Feng Tutu talked to Feng Tutu in her head .

“Yeah —” Feng Tutu nodded . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

Feng Wu then began to deliver the answers, while Feng Tutu scratched everything on Chaoge’s stomach .

Feng Tutu could write?

Well, it couldn’t before, but after a crash course from Feng Wu in the past few days, the little thing could write now .

Chaoge was thrilled!

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Finally! The answers!

However, Jun Linyuan frowned at that moment .

For as the most able man in the room, he had sensed the slightest fluctuation of spiritual essence .

And it was between a person and an animal, instead of between two people .

That was because —

To prevent candidates from cheating, Imperial College had blocked all telepathic channels between people .

It took Chaoge a few minutes to finish answering the first question in section one .

She was slowed down quite a bit because she had to guess what Feng Tutu was writing .

Jun Linyuan rose to his feet just as Feng Wu was about to send out the answer to the second question .

That made Feng Wu jump a little .

After all, she was cheating .

However, she managed to keep her face calm and her eyes closed, as if she was resting .

With his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan walked from the first row to the last and back again like any normal invigilator . He ended up stopping next to Feng Wu .

Many girls almost dropped their pens in excitement at Jun Linyuan’s reaction .

They were so excited!

So nervous!

And so thrilled!

Knock, knock, knock — Jun Linyuan tapped Feng Wu’s desk with his long fingers .

Feng Wu had to open her eyes . She raised her head and shot Jun Linyuan a warning glance!

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