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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:12 PM
Chapter 599

Chapter 599 She Doesn“t Know the Answer!

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Feng Wu was vexed, but the rest of the candidates were elated!

Especially the girls, who all had butterflies in their stomachs .

His Royal Highness —

He was here —

And they were here in the same room with him . So close…

This was something they could brag about for the rest of their lives!

Even Qiao Yi was over the moon, to say nothing of the students .

She couldn’t help but speculate . Why would His Royal Highness agree? For whom?

Mr Lu had no idea that his suggestion had stirred up nearly all the female candidates here .

With a wave of his hand, Mr Lu said, “We won’t need so many invigilators here . Qiao Yi, stay . The rest of you can leave now . ”

Hence, the other invigilators left the hall .

Feng brought in an armchair and put it right at the front of the hall .

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That was, right opposite Feng Wu .

The two people were less than two meters apart .

Many girls were sick with jealousy!

Why was Feng Wu the lucky one?!

On the other side, Mu Yaoyao was infatuated with the crown prince’s chiseled profile .

He was beautiful .

She felt as if her soul had been stolen away .

Why would His Royal Highness say yes?

Of everyone in this room, Feng Wu was the one His Royal Highness hated the most, so there was no way that he was staying for her . Apart from Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao deemed herself the prettiest girl with the best manners and from the finest background…

The more she thought about it, the pinker her cheeks became . She thought her heart was going to jump out of her throat .

But —

The crown prince never took his eyes off Feng Wu for one moment!

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The look he gave her was sharp, fierce, and stern . It was the look a beast gave its prey — very aggressive .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

Whatever . She would finish her exam first .

She quickly finished the first two sections .

That cheered her up a little, for she knew all the answers and was confident that she would get full marks for them .

She then moved on to section three .

The multiple choice questions .

The answer was only correct when all correct option(s) and only the correct one(s) were selected .

Moreover, most of the subjects covered in this section were from those 10,000 books .

Feng Wu tended to lose points in this section .

She was very careful and wanted to make sure that she got everything right .

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For not only did she have to be first, she had to get full marks .

Question one: done .

Question two: done .

The problem was that Feng Wu still had three unread books from those 10,000 and she hoped that she was lucky enough to not run into anything she hadn’t read .

Question eight…

Question nine…

Up to the ninth question, Feng Wu was still confident that she had gotten everything right .

Her head went blank when she read the tenth question .

No —

She hadn’t read anything on this subject before…

The only possibility was that it was from one of the three unread books .

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

She went through everything she had learned and racked her brain to find an answer . However, to her frustration —

She couldn’t find one .

She knew nothing about this subject .

She didn’t have an answer .

And that was a fact .

This question —

She wouldn’t get any points!

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