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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:14 PM
Chapter 598

Chapter 598 What? His Royal Highness Is the Invigilator?!

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Qiao Yi walked from the first row to the last and saw that everyone was doing a good job . Even Feng Wu seemed to be giving correct answers .

However, she frowned when she spotted Chaoge’s paper .

It was completely blank .

Qiao Yi was about to say something when —

Steady footsteps came from outside, and from the sound of it, a lot of people were coming this way .

What an aura!

How intimidating was this power!

Many looked up involuntarily, trying to see what VIP was coming .

However, they almost dropped their pens!

“H- His Royal Highness…”

“N- No way…”

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“O . M . G…”

Were they hallucinating? Jun Linyuan was in the same exam hall with them!

Qiao Yi was the head invigilator in this hall and her eyes widened in astonishment when she saw Jun Linyuan . It seemed that she had no idea that the crown prince would be coming either .

Jun Linyuan didn’t come alone .

Mr Lu was by his side and Feng was right behind him .

“Your Royal Highness, Sir…” Qiao Yi was a little flustered .

As a pretty young woman, Qiao Yi worshiped and admired Jun Linyuan to a fault, like many other women her age .

And now, the legend was right in front of her…

In his usual arrogant manner, Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu with a passive face .

Mr Lu rubbed his forehead . Forget about inspecting the exam halls – the young man was here for the girl!

While the crown prince couldn’t look away from Feng Wu, Mr Lu and Feng exchanged knowing looks .

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“Mr Lu…”

Qiao Yi, who had been puffed up with arrogance in front of Feng Wu, was at a loss over what to do now . Cheeks flushed, she didn’t even know where to put her hands and feet .

Mr Lu asked, “Your Royal Highness, have you tried invigilating an exam before?”

“No,” replied Jun Linyuan in a cold voice .

“If that’s the case… Your Royal Highness, would you like to monitor this one?”

Feng sighed with relief . It seemed that he wouldn’t be alone in trying to make excuses for the crown prince .

However, the candidates’ mouths fell open at the suggestion!


His Royal Highness?

An invigilator?

What was Mr Lu thinking? There was no way His Royal Highness would agree!

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But Mu Yaoyao and the others still felt their hearts skip at those words .

How they wished that His Royal Highness would say yes…

Especially Mu Yaoyao, who pleaded with her eyes…

Please stay, please! Your Royal Highness, stay!

But Feng Wu wanted exactly the opposite .

She was going to help Chaoge cheat . Feng Tutu already wasn’t acting as planned, and if this unpredictable Jun Linyuan joined in… It would become an impossible mission!

At that thought, Feng Wu looked up at Jun Linyuan and shook her head .

Go away! Please!

Staring at Feng Wu with his cold, brooding eyes, Jun Linyuan smiled a little .

The girl really wanted him to leave, didn’t she? Well, she wouldn’t get what she wanted .

He nodded . “Alright . ”

That was a reply to Mr Lu .


Feng Wu almost banged her head on her desk at that answer!

Jun Linyuan! Why did that guy hate her so much?!

He kept raising the difficulty level for her, telling her to get top place and get full marks .

Meanwhile, he kept pulling her leg, stopping her from reading her books and almost making her late for the exam .

Luckily, by some miracle, the exam had been postponed, or her plan would have been completely ruined by Jun Linyuan!

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