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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:16 PM
Chapter 597

Chapter 597 There“s Only One Explanation!

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But what really happened was —

Mu Yaoyao didn’t know Duan Chaoge at all .

Chaoge might be impulsive and hotheaded, but there was one thing that she would always believe — she was on Feng Wu’s side no matter what!

“Mu Yaoyao!” Chaoge smacked her desk and jumped to her feet!


There came a female voice .

And everyone turned in that direction .

The voice belonged to a pretty young woman with blond hair and blue eyes . She was slightly older than the candidates .

Feng Wu had met her before .

It was that teacher who had tried to give Feng Wu a hard time when she went to register for the exam .

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If Feng Wu remembered correctly, the teacher was called Qiao Yi .

Qiao Yi came in with a stack of exam papers . She scanned the room with her eyes and fixed her gaze on Feng Wu in the end .

The look she gave Feng Wu was hostile . She then snorted . “The exam is going to start now and you’re still bickering?!”

Qiao Yi wasn’t the only teacher in the exam hall .

As a matter of fact, Imperial College’s entrance exam was probably the strictest exam out there .

Each column was monitored by a separate invigilator .

That was to say, there were ten of them in total in this hall .

Right now, they were all giving out exam papers to the candidates .

Each exam paper contained five pages, which made it ten pages in total along with the answer sheets . Everyone ended up with quite a stack of sheets .

Qiao Yi was in charge of Feng Wu’s column and she smirked at Feng Wu when she gave her the paper . In a voice low enough for only Feng Wu to hear, she said, “Let’s see how many points you can get!”

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Qiao Yi had always been rather hostile toward Feng Wu .

However, Feng Wu had been composed from the very beginning and ignored all the provocation .

Upon receiving her paper, Feng Wu quickly skimmed through the questions . Good, she had covered most of the topics . Feng Wu was much more confident now .

She started with section one .

The first section was to fill in the blanks .

Grand Secretary Fang was as experienced as he claimed; he was right about finding all the answers in those 1000 books .

Feng Wu smiled a little .

Before long, she finished all ten questions without any difficulty .

Feng Wu glanced at Chaoge, who looked back at Feng Wu with a pleading expression in her eyes .

Feng Wu nodded and closed her eyes .

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As a matter of fact, Feng Wu was communicating with Feng Tutu, who was in Chaoge’s chest pocket at the moment .

This was the cheating method Feng Wu had come up with .

She would tell Feng Tutu the answers, and it would then tell them to Chaoge . All Chaoge needed to do was write everything down .


When Feng Wu tried to talk to Feng Tutu in her head, she got no reply .

Feng Wu: !!!

There was only one explanation .

Feng Tutu was fast asleep .

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . It was normal for a cub to be sleeping all the time, but not now!

Chaoge was a little flustered and began to poke her belly with a finger, trying to wake up the little thing .

But —

Hm —

Feng Tutu turned around in Chaoge’s warm pocket and went on sleeping .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Neither did Chaoge .

Both sighed in resignation and Feng Wu had no choice but to move on to the next question .

The second section required writing from memory .

Like the first section, this part was a test of one’s memory . As long as one worked hard enough, it was impossible to get this part wrong .

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