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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:18 PM
Chapter 596

Chapter 596 A Pretty Girl Like Her

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“290 points? Hahaha, hahahahaha —”

Mu Yaoyao laughed until her belly ached . She leaned back in her chair, guffawed, and almost gave herself the cramps .

So did the rest of the candidates .

“290? Hahahaha — Duan Chaoge, are you an idiot or are you an idiot?”

Duan Chaoyin also leaned over her desk and her voice trembled with laughter . “290? Hahaha — do you have any idea how hard Imperial College’s exam is? And do you even know what the questions are? 290? The top student only got 250 last year!”

“Hahaha —” Mu Yaoyao was still laughing so hard that she couldn’t talk normally . She was only able to calm down after quite some time . “And you know what’s really funny? Grand Secretary Fang… Hahahaha —

“Feng Wu, you do know that Grand Secretary Fang is my grandfather, right? His time is so precious that he didn’t even have time to teach me . And you say he taught you, gave you tests, and corrected your papers? You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard!”

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“Hahahaha! Look, Feng Wu chose the wrong person to talk herself up with . This is Princess Mu and that’s Princess Mu’s grandfather! Would he teach Feng Wu instead of Princess Mu?” Duan Chaoyin was trying her best to flatter Mu Yaoyao and she would agree to anything the latter said .

Mu Yaoyao said arrogantly, “Of course not! My grandpa only lent her a few books . How dare she go around telling everyone that my grandpa prefers her to me and looks after her! She’s shameless!”


Duan Chaoge smacked her desk!

“Of course Grand Secretary Fang prefers Xiao Wu! He gave us past exam papers every day! He corrected our papers and explained everything to us! He said Xiao Wu is so clever that no one’s her match!”

“Really? How so?” Duan Chaoyin smirked .

“Xiao Wu memorized 1000 must-reads and read 10,000 extracurricular books in seven days! Hmph! You know nothing about how brilliant she is!” Chaoge stuck out her chest and felt proud for her friend .

“Hahahaha —”

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However, Mu Yaoyao and Duan Chaoyin only guffawed again .

“Memorized 1000 books in seven days?”

“And read 10,000 books, too?”

“Who does she think she is? An immortal? No one can read so many books in such a short time!”

“Each lie of hers is more ridiculous than the last . ”

“And do you know what’s most awful about Feng Wu?”


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Mu Yaoyao raised her voice . “She’s been sitting there all this time with her eyes closed while Duan Chaoge, her little minion, does all the talking . She can always clear her name later, saying that she didn’t say anything and that Chaoge made everything up . ‘Chaoge? Well, don’t mind her . She’s not right in the head . ’”


At those words, all the other candidates in the exam hall stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

For a pretty girl, she really was a schemer!

“No wonder they say that the most beautiful girls are the most canny ones…”

“Poor Duan Chaoge . Doesn’t she have any idea how Feng Wu is using her?”

Everyone was talking at the same time and no one tried to keep their voices down .

Sitting on Feng Wu’s left, Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Wu with a smirk on her face .

Feng Wu, not only will I ruin your reputation and make everyone despise you, I’ll also drive a wedge between you and Duan Chaoge, and make her betray you as well! I’m sure what I said will make Duan Chaoge think twice .

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