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Chapter 59

Chapter 59: You Guys Are Spouting Nonsense!

“It’s fake? Ha haha, you’re surprisingly claiming that this Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice is fake? Little Fifth is actually one of my people. Would she give me a fake? Ha ha ha, you guys sure are funny!” Yu Ming Ye ferociously pulled out the wooden stopper. “Since you guys feel that it’s fake, then I’ll open it——”


Along with the bottle being opened, a white colored fine powder spurted out!

White colored fine powder sprinkled over the ground——

Jun Lin Yuan and company reacted very quickly as their figures instantly pulled back. However within the group, there’s still Fairy Mu Yao——

The pitiful Fairy Mu Yao. Originally, on account of Feng Wu’s matter, she was so happy she clenched her fist, unable to verbally express her excitement, her mind was stuffed to the max

with accusations to weave against that ugly girl.

She was engrossed with her thoughts. The result——


That cloud of white colored fine powder nearly covered her entire face!

“Cough cough cough——”

Fairy Mu Yao breathed in a big lungful, eyes, nose, mouth……without exception, they were assaulted by the white colored fine powder.

People at the scene looked at Fairy Mu Yao standing within the cloud of white powder and were all stunned——

Yu Ming Ye was also stunned!

He blankly looked at the white porcelain bottle in his hand and again expressionlessly turned towards Fairy Mu Yao before him——

It was surprisingly this white powder again——

It surprisingly still was!

Yu Ming Ye’s heart then screamed in anger!

He previously was already tricked once by that ugly girl. In the end, he still fell for the same, identical trick again!

Falling once was bad luck. Falling twice, that’s just

just plain stupidity!

Yu Ming Ye’s complexion alternated between red and green, covered in a dark cloud, exceptionally unsightly!

Fairy Mu Yao’s face rapidly became inflamed into a lump. That symptom was very much identical to the symptom on Yu Ming Ye’s face, to the extent that, Feng Xun instantly blurted. “Yu Ming Ye, your eyes were also injured by this white fine powder, right? !”

Yu Ming Ye. “……”

At this time, Feng Xun’s brain started operating especially well as he slapped his thigh. “That’s right! You previously said that inside this white porcelain bottle was contained the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice? You shouldn’t have been tricked by that ugly girl, right?”

Yu Ming Ye gnashed his teeth as he fiercely glared at Feng Xun!

Feng Xun watched Yu Ming Ye’s appearance of wishing he could kill, and immediately confirmed this matter. He

matter. He burst into laughter at once. “Moreover, after you were tricked by Little Fifth once, you were tricked by her again a second time, haha haha haha——I’m dying of laughter! It’s just too funny haha haha ha——”

Yu Ming Ye really wanted to beat somebody up!

Xuan Yi, who’d always maintained a straight face, knit his brows, and spoke in deadly earnest. “Just now, didn’t you say that Little Fifth is your girl?”

“Pffft——” Feng Xun laughed until tears flowed, he held his belly ‘owwy ow’ and continued to laugh. “This is killing me, ow my god, how am I going to stop? This scene can have me laughing for a year ha haha——”

Feng Xun originally felt terrible after he found out he’s been tricked by Feng Wu. However, after finding out about Yu Ming Ye’s experience, he unexpectedly felt that unexpectedly felt that his mood became much better.

“Feng, Xun, you, shut, up!” Yu Ming Ye’s eyes were congested with blood, scarlet glaring at Feng Xun!

One of Feng Xun’s hand was holding his painfully throbbing belly, the other was wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes. “Owwy, Yu Ming Ye, hey, Yu Ming Ye, tell me why you’re so sensitive about how others regard you? You’ve clearly been tricked by that girl, yet you surprisingly still lied to us saying that you let her escape first? I pfft——”

It wasn’t merely Feng Xun who’s laughing, almost everyone on his side were roaring with laughter.

Yu Ming Ye flew into a rage out of humiliation. “You guys laugh your asses off! It wasn’t as if I was the only one who was tricked. Humph, acting as if you guys weren’t tricked!”


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