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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:25:53 PM
Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Kneel And Apologize

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Feng Wu had no intention of talking to them . Taking Chaoge’s hand, she was going to leave, but —

“So, you’re Feng Wu —”

Duan Chaoyin said loudly . Going up to Feng Wu and walking around her, Duan Chaoyin smacked her lips . “You really are as pretty as they say . Good job . ”

Feng Wu considered the two sisters a joke and she was going to lead Chaoge out of the crowd .

It would be a waste of her life to talk to them .

“Feng Wu, do you know that Duan Chaoge was poisoned?

“Do you know that her cultivation level dropped?

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“Do you know she was kidnapped?

“Do you know that her engagement was canceled?

“Do you know…”

The noise over here soon attracted some attention .

Feng Wu frowned . Duan Chaoyin wanted to humiliate Chaoge in front of everyone .


There came the sound of a hard slap!

It was quick and accurate and Duan Chaoyin spun around at the impact!

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She was dumbfounded!

She was slapped? By a cripple?!

“Feng Wu! You’re dead!” Duan Chaoyin wanted to jump at Feng Wu and tear her to pieces, but —

“Feng Wu? What are you doing here?” A voice came from behind them .

Turning around, Feng Wu saw the face of her all-time enemy . Lady Wang was here .

Lady Wang had accompanied Feng Liu here for the exam today . She was drawn over by the hubbub of voices, but she spotted Feng Wu among the crowd .

She frowned and gave Feng Wu a dangerous look . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

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The Duan family recognized Lady Wang . Duan Chaoyin’s mother was actually quite familiar with Lady Wang, for they would often meet at social events .

Mrs Duan pointed at Feng Wu in fury and said to Lady Wang, “Is she that Feng Wu from your family? What kind of upbringing did she have? How could she hit another person in public?! Is that how the Fang clan teaches their children? Give me an explanation or I’ll never let this drop!”

The exam was about to start and many people were here . The place was packed .

Around them, all eyes were on Feng Wu now .

Lady Wang’s face darkened . She glared at Feng Wu and took a deep breath . “Why are you here?! This isn’t the right place for you!”

Feng Liu’s eyes went bloodshot red when she saw Feng Wu .

The look in her eyes was as cold as ice . “Feng Wu, I feel so ashamed to share the same surname with you!”

Immediately, many scoffed at Feng Wu .

A girl next to Feng Liu tugged at her sleeve and whispered, “Feng Liu, isn’t she here to see you off?”

Feng Liu smirked . “See me off? You think too highly of my sister here . She hates me so much . Why would she do that?”

“What’s she doing here, then?”

“How should I know? To admire us for being able to apply for Imperial College, probably . After all, she’s a cripple with no spiritual essence at all . ” Feng Liu shrugged .

The onlookers all smirked at Feng Wu .

The look on Lady Wang’s face turned grimmer and she bellowed at Feng Wu, “You shouldn’t be here! You’re not qualified for the exam and you’ll only bring shame to the family! Get lost! Now!”

Mrs Duan snorted . “Really? Get lost? Did my Chaoyin just get hit for nothing?”

“Mrs Duan, how do you want this to be handled, then?” Lady Wang took a deep breath . She felt so humiliated in front of so many people and she wanted this to go away ASAP .

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