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Chapter 581
Chapter 581 So Mad!

Other people would have passed out with joy if Jun Linyuan had started a conversation with them…

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And now, this was the first time His Royal Highness had ever cooked something himself . He hadn’t even washed chopsticks for his grandmother, who had doted on him . But Miss Wu…

Miss Wu had kicked that pot of porridge… to the ground…

Feng broke out in a cold sweat of anxiety!

As expected, Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid and he stared at Feng Wu with a murderous look in his eyes!

But Feng Wu was no less pissed than he was!

“Jun Linyuan, how could you do this to me?! How could you make me sleep? I haven’t finished reading my books! What if I can’t get first place or full marks? Your terms are already so harsh and you just keep making more trouble for me! I hate you!”

Feng Wu got angrier and more aggrieved as she spoke and tears began to well up in her pretty eyes .

“I can forget about the books for now . Just tell me this: Do you know that Imperial College’s entrance exam is today? The answer is obviously yes!

“But you still brought me here against my will and left me in the middle of nowhere! Not only did I have to stand all the bug bites and the cold wind, I couldn’t even read!

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“And you made me sleep!

“Do you know what time it is now?

“And do you know when the exam starts?

“It’s almost nine o’clock! It’s five to nine in the morning!

“And the exam starts at nine!

“How am I supposed to get there in time?! The exam will probably be over when I get there!

“Jun Linyuan, you’re the worst!”

Feng Wu was so mad and so aggrieved that she couldn’t keep her tears back anymore .

She turned to leave without giving Jun Linyuan any chance to explain himself!

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Jun Linyuan was astonished!

He still stood there dazed after Feng Wu was gone .

“Your Royal Highness…”

Seeing Jun Linyuan’s livid face, Feng quietly went up to his master .

Jun Linyuan took a deep breath, but still couldn’t hold back his anger . He kicked a giant oval rock!


The giant rock the size of a house instantly crumbled to pieces .

Gesturing in the direction Feng Wu had left in, Jun Linyuan bellowed .

“I only made her sleep for her own good!

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“She looked like a panda! Should I just do nothing?!

“Reading in the moonlight? Has she lost her mind?! Her eyes would be ruined!”

Feng rubbed his nose as his young master stomped his foot in rage .

“How was it my fault?! I did nothing wrong!” Jun Linyuan yelled at Feng . “Nothing!”

Feng heaved a long sigh . “Your Royal Highness, Miss Wu is really mad this time . ”

“Big deal . She’s mad? I’m madder!” Jun Linyuan said proudly .

“Miss Wu won’t talk to you…”

“And I won’t talk to her either!” This was the first time he had wanted to cook and he had actually taken action, but she had kicked the pot over!

How dare she?! She was so dead!

The more Jun Linyuan thought about it, the more infuriated he became .

His Royal Highness was hopeless…

Feng sighed inwardly, but he still had to remind his master of something, or the young man would probably never find a girl .

“But Your Royal Highness, Miss Wu was right about one thing . ”

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