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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:26:08 PM
Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Puffed Up With Arrogance!

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Feng Wu was woken up by the chirping of birds and the cries of insects .

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she yawned and opened her eyes .

She was welcomed by the brilliant morning sun .

The air was fresh, the grass verdant green, and there were splendid flowers everywhere .

Feng Wu was bewildered!

What was this place?

She rubbed her eyes again and things began to come back to her .

Last night, Jun Linyuan had snatched her, took off into the cold night, and ran all the way here to this valley .

She recalled that she had a row with Jun Linyuan before returning to her reading under the moonlight . Then… she fell asleep?

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Feng Wu frowned . That didn’t feel right . With her self-discipline, she wouldn’t let herself go to sleep before she finished all her books… What happened last night?

Just then, footsteps came from behind her .

The person was very quiet, as if they were afraid to wake her up .

Feng Wu raised her head and looked right into Jun Linyuan’s brooding eyes . It happened so suddenly that he didn’t have time to hide his emotions . Feng Wu could see them all in his eyes .

However, Feng Wu was busy checking her sleep acupoint and failed to notice them .

Jun Linyuan immediately shifted his gaze and turned his head away . If one were to look at him now, they would only see an indecipherable look in his eyes .

He had a colorful chicken in one hand .

A short distance away, a pot was being heated over a small fire .

Seeing Feng Wu look his way, Jun Linyuan tossed the chicken at Feng Wu and casually said, “You lazy girl . It’s time to make some breakfast . ”

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Feng Wu ignored the chicken and let it fall to the ground .

She stared at Jun Linyuan with cold eyes as she seethed with anger .

Seeing that Feng Wu was just standing there and sulking, Jun Linyuan frowned and looked back at her with his sharp eyes .

“Jun Linyuan, it was you, wasn’t it?” Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu tried her best to keep her anger at bay . “You hit my sleep acupoint last night, didn’t you?”

A grim look flickered in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

“I’ve checked . There’s a slight blockage in my sleep acupoint and you’re the only one here that could have done that . Just admit it!” Feng Wu flared up .

She hadn’t finished reading her books! How could he do such a thing?!

Feng Wu was practically spitting fire from her eyes .

Jun Linyuan was angry and aggrieved . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

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He had done it because she looked so tired and he pitied her . What was wrong with that? The more Jun Linyuan thought about it, the angrier and more aggrieved he felt!

However, he decided that a man shouldn’t quibble with a woman over such petty things . Glaring at Feng Wu, he said, “Hurry up and cook the chicken . Do you want breakfast or not?”

Feng Wu was too pissed to eat anything .

Overwhelmed with rage, she could no longer think straight . She rushed over and kicked at the fire!


The pot flew out and the half-cooked porridge splashed all over the ground!

Jun Linyuan was dumbfounded .

A few steps away, Feng was equally astonished!

Miss Wu…

Did she realize how difficult it was to make a pot of porridge in the middle of nowhere?

As the top steward of the empire, he actually had to go back to the crown prince’s residence before sunrise to fetch all the utensils .

And His Royal Highness…

That stove, the wooden frame, and the rice… His Royal Highness had prepared everything himself…

Yes, Jun Linyuan had done all those things himself!

The same Jun Linyuan that was known to be puffed up with arrogance!

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