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Chapter 573: 573

After finally sending Yu Mingye away, calming herself down, and clearing her mind… Feng Wu was ready to make a breakthrough .

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The door opened at that moment!

Feng Wu almost jumped to her feet!

Who could it be?!

Feng Wu looked at the door, alarmed .

A figure stood there against the silver moonlight, which created a halo around him .

He had brooding eyes and a gorgeous figure . He almost looked dazzling under the moonlight .

Jun Linyuan!

Patting her chest, Feng Wu broke into a cold sweat!

One second more and she would have entered the state of meditation!

If that happened, Jun Linyuan would realize that she was cultivating and had her ability back . Thinking about it logically, he would be reminded of that Immortal Spiritual Fruit back in Northern Border City… Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

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That would be a total disaster!

Because of the interruption, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “What are you doing here?!”

Jun Linyuan stood there proudly after pushing the door open . He was waiting for Feng Wu’s to plead with him, but instead, he only got that impatient question . He was displeased .

His eyes glinted as his murderous gaze locked on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu stepped back involuntarily .

Jun Linyuan entered the room and slammed the door shut behind him .

It didn’t wake Chaoge, for Feng Wu had fed her some antidote and the girl was undergoing detoxification at the moment . She was sleeping so soundly that not even thunder would be loud enough to wake her .

Feng Xiaoqi and the rest of the family knew nothing about the situation here, for Feng had put up a soundproof barrier around the room and no one in the neighboring rooms would hear a thing .

Inside .

Face livid, Jun Linyuan walked toward Feng Wu with a grim look in his eyes .

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Feng Wu stumbled back involuntarily .

“J- Jun Linyuan, w- what are you doing? D- don’t come any closer!”

Feng Wu kept stumbling back .

But Jun Linyuan only gave her a crooked smile!

As Jun Linyuan pressed forward, Feng Wu backed off .

In the end, Feng Wu was forced into a corner and Jun Linyuan hemmed her in with his right arm .

The air suddenly felt very warm .

Outside .

Yu Mingye had been following Jun Linyuan stealthily .

He saw Jun Linyuan enter Feng Wu’s room and close the door behind him —

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Yu Mingye then heard Feng Wu’s voice .

“Jun Linyuan, stay away from me! Your hands, hey —”

Yu Mingye was incensed!

Yu Mingye charged out impulsively and kicked the door!

He yelled as he kicked, “Jun Linyuan! Stop what you’re doing!

“Is that what you like? To bully girls?!

I looked up to you . I never thought you were this kind of person!

“Open up! Open up! Open up!”

Yu Mingye kept kicking the door .

Jun Linyuan was enjoying the moment with Feng Wu so close . He bent over when Feng Wu turned her head the other way . The corner of his mouth happened to brush against her smooth cheek and the warm sensation made his heart skip a beat .

However, Yu Mingye’s furious voice rang out and Jun Linyuan frowned .

He was distracted for a brief moment .


Feng Wu took the opportunity to step hard on his foot .

She spared no strength!

Ssss —

Even Jun Linyuan’s face changed color and he stared at Feng Wu in astonishment!

How dare she do that to him?!

Feng Wu freed herself from the little confined space created by Jun Linyuan’s arm . She glared at him with an alarmed look on her face .

At that moment, Yu Mingye broke into the room!

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