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Chapter 572: 572

Yu Mingye said in a righteous tone, “I’m only going to Imperial College to protect you, so that you won’t be bullied . And that means you have to be really nice to me from now on!”

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Feng Wu took a deep breath . “Don’t go, then . ”

Yu Mingye grunted . “You dishonest girl . I know you’re rejoicing secretly, aren’t you?”

Feng Wu said, “No . ”

That successfully silenced Yu Mingye . He then mussed Feng Wu’s hair like a mischievous boy .

“Hey, stop it —” Feng Wu wasn’t his match physically and couldn’t stop his mischief . Her hair was in a complete mess and she was so mad .

“Hahaha —” Seeing Feng Wu’s disheveled hair, Yu Mingye guffawed . He found the girl so cute that he wanted to take her back home .

However, he cringed when he saw the murderous look in her eyes . He then fled the scene!

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“Yu Mingye! Stop right there!” Feng Wu stomped her foot .

But Yu Mingye only ran faster . Before Feng Wu knew it, the guy had disappeared into the night .

Feng Wu clenched her fists . “You won’t be so lucky next time!”

Turning around, Feng Wu saw that Chaoge was bent over the table and fast asleep . Drooling, she hadn’t even woken up at all the noise .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say . It seemed that nothing worried the girl .

Feng Wu loosened her hair, tied it into a simple ponytail, then sat down on a rush cushion, ready to make a breakthrough .

She was already a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster, and a breakthrough would take her to Level 5!

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However, little did she know that Jun Linyuan was on his way here . And what was even more unexpected was that Yu Mingye had spotted Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince had finally come up with an excuse to see Feng Wu and was hurrying this way in a foul mood .

When Jun Linyuan arrived at the scene, enraged, Yu Mingye was about to jump onto the wall .

Sensing a powerful cultivator approaching, Yu Mingye instinctively backed into a corner and hid behind a bush .

The crown prince was so preoccupied thinking of ways to make Feng Wu plead to him once he saw her that he ignored everything else . ”Access webnovel . live if you like watching manga,comics .

Feng noticed, but didn’t think it was a big deal . So, he didn’t alert his young master .

Yu Mingye was baffled!

What the heck?!

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Why had Jun Linyuan shown up in the Feng manor in the middle of the night? Why wasn’t he entering through the main gate like a crown prince should? Why was he climbing the wall as well?

Yu Mingye decided not to go back just yet, for he was worried!

He recalled how mean Jun Linyuan was to Xiao Wu . Nothing she did seemed good enough for him and he was horrible to her . What could he possibly want from her in the middle of the night?

Could Jun Linyuan be here for Feng Yanfeng?

Not likely . Someone in Feng Yanfeng’s position would never invite the crown prince over at this late hour .

Could he be here to pick on little Feng Wu, then?

At that thought, Yu Mingye decided that he wasn’t going anywhere! He was worried about Feng Wu’s safety!

He walked on tiptoe toward Fallen Star Yard, making sure to be as quiet as possible .

Then, under the silver moonlight, Yu Mingye made a shocking discovery .

Jun Linyuan!

The aloof, proud crown prince of the empire had just jumped onto the wall . He then landed on the other side in Feng Wu’s yard!

Yu Mingye: !!!

Instead of going in through the window, Jun Linyuan pushed Feng Wu’s door open .

It was a critical moment in Feng Wu’s breakthrough!

She could have done it a moment ago, but Yu Mingye had shown up and forced her to pause .

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