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Chapter 571: 571

Although she hadn’t cultivated in the past seven days and had devoted all her attention to the books, reading assiduously had actually cleared her head and significantly strengthened her mind .

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That was an achievement much harder to obtain than a breakthrough in cultivation .

What was more, Feng Wu even felt the urge to break through right then .

She was going to put down her book and do that when she heard a tiny sound outside .

Someone was there!

Feng Wu frowned and turned her sharp gaze to the window .

The window was open, revealing a handsome teenage face with pretty features . The teenager beamed, reminding her of the brightest sunlight .

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“Yu Mingye?” Staring at the teenager, who rested his chin on his hands and grinned at her from outside her window, Feng Wu asked in bewilderment, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” The boy greeted Feng Wu with a wide smile .

Feng Wu rolled the eyes . “It’s too late and I shouldn’t have male visitors at this hour . So, no . ”

Yu Mingye pouted, looking rather aggrieved .

“Why did you show up here at such a late hour? Speak . ”

“I don’t want to,” Yu Mingye said grumpily, still pouting .

Feng Wu made a gesture to close the window .

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“Hey, wait . Wait — you’re so boorish . Be patient, will you? Fine, I’ll tell you . ”

“Now . ”

“You’re so mean…” Yu Mingye gave Feng Wu an accusing look with his big pretty eyes . “Alright, alright . I’ll tell you . I’m taking the entrance exam for Imperial College tomorrow, and I want you to see me off at the gate . I want to hear you cheer for me and wish me good luck . ”

Feng Wu said, “You need someone to see you off for an exam?”

Yu Mingye looked like an abandoned puppy . “It’s a really important exam and all the parents are going to see their kids off, aren’t they? My family is on the other side of the continent… Won’t you come with me?”

He might sound like the saddest creatures in the world, but Feng Wu didn’t believe a word of it .

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“Your family has the ability to claim its independence from the Junwu Empire; don’t tell me they can’t get you a place in Imperial College . Taking the exam? Are you kidding me?” Feng Wu snapped .

“But I don’t want to get into that comprehensive college that’s just for foreign students . I prefer the martial arts department . ” Yu Mingye kept his unblinking gaze on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu nodded .

Yu Mingye narrowed his eyes . “Do you know why I applied for Imperial College and why I’m insisting on getting into the martial arts department?”


Yu Mingye almost choked on his own spit . Taking a deep breath, he said, “Little Feng Wu, I said all those things because I was waiting for you tell me yourself . ‘What a coincidence! I’m applying for the martial arts department, too!’ But you didn’t!”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

Yu Mingye grunted . “If I didn’t have such good connections, I wouldn’t even have known that you’re taking the exam . I was this close to missing the registration deadline . You heartless woman . ”

He rubbed Feng Wu’s head as he spoke, disheveling her already messy hair .

Feng Wu pushed him away . “Don’t touch my hair! And I need to get back to my reading!”

Yu Mingye didn’t seem offended when Feng Wu brushed him off . He was still grinning with his chin in his hands . If he had a tail, it would be wagging all over the place now .

“Little Feng Wu —”

“What now?”

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