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Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Your Wounded Eyes, What Happened?

“It ought to have been the Wail Like Ghosts and Howl Like Wolves Soul Breaking Corpse poison?” Jun Lin Yuan repeated Yu Ming Ye’s previous words all the way through.

“Uh……” Yu Ming Ye lost confidence.

Jun Lin Yuan advanced one step forward, with a dangerous gaze like a cheetah instantly unblinkly fixed on Jun Ming Ye.

“I……” Yu Ming Ye retreated one step.

However, he suddenly became self-conscious, how could he retreat? As Jun Lin Yuan’s greatest rival, how could he retreat? Thinking of this, Yu Ming Ye kept his head high and chest out, and with great effort, glared back at Jun Lin Yuan!

Jun Lin Yuan’s gaze was serene and hidden in depth, dangerously and maliciously fixed on Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye was taken back and shivered from those

bitingly cold, sharp, deep eyes, his throat chilled, he forced himself to be calm. “Right! That’s right! Don’t tell me that there isn’t poison inside? ! It should be poison!”

Yu Ming Ye looked immensely proud of himself. “Inside there, actually, I had the ugly girl insert the Wail Like Ghosts and Howl Like Wolves Soul Breaking Corpse poison, haha ha——Jun Lin Yuan, hah, Jun Lin Yuan, you didn’t know? That ugly girl has already been instigated by me to rebel! She’s already mine! I wanted her to steal the fruit juice, so she quickly obediently did so. I wanted her to put poison inside, so she inserted poison inside the Immortal Spirit fruit. She listens to me so well!”

Yu Ming Ye placed his hands on his hips. “You guys want to know how I instigated

instigated her? Ha haha, actually it’s very simple, I only had to tell her one thing, as long as she follows me, Yu Ming Ye, I will marry her, make her my concubine, and give her status, this ugly girl couldn’t resist the attraction, and immediately rushed to my side, not hesitating to ‘go through water and tread on fire’ on my behalf, ha haha——”

The head elder silently shot a glance towards Yu Ming Ye who’s laughing as he faced the sky. The elder couldn’t bear looking at Yu Ming Ye’s face……did the wound on Young Master’s eyes truly not hurt? Yu Ming Ye was still full of himself. “This kind of spy costing nothing, why wouldn’t I want her, therefore, I reluctantly accepted her, and after that, I had her steal the fruit juice. Furthermore,

juice. Furthermore, I had her inject the poison back into the fruit, ha haha. Feng Xun, hey, Feng Xun, this life of yours is indeed held within the palm of my hands!”

Feng Xun’s dark eyebrows were knit tightly at the moment as he rushed forward and once again grabbed Yu Ming Ye’s collar. “Who are you calling the ugly girl?”

“Feng Xun, you idiot, things having reached this stage and you’re still deceiving yourself? Who’s the ugly girl? The ugly girl’s that Little Fifth you keep yelling about.” Yu Ming Ye was extremely pleased with himself as he beamingly watched Feng Xun attentively. “Do you understand now? Little Fifth Feng is one of my people! Mine, Yu Ming Ye’s girl!”

“Pow!” Feng Xun raised his hand and punched Yu Ming Ye!

Yu Ming Ye retreated a step, and avoided that and avoided that violently strong wind, however, his brows slightly pursed. “How can you still move? You truly haven’t been poisoned? That’s impossible!”

All of a sudden, Yu Ming Ye stared rigidly at Jun Lin Yuan. “Don’t tell me you already discovered something wrong with the Immortal Spirit Fruit early on, and changed out the poison inside?”

Jun Lin Yuan’s thin and pure lips slightly curved upwards. “I did not.”

“Then how? !” Yu Ming Ye suddenly felt a very uncomfortable feeling.

Jun Lin Yuan didn’t answer him, on the contrary, as the waves of light moved in his eyes, he suddenly levelly asked a question. “Your wounded eyes, what happened?”

Yu Ming Ye was feeling immensely proud of himself, yet this question was like a basin of cold water thrown at his face, the cold penetrating into his heart.

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