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Published at 20th of April 2020 02:35:07 PM
Chapter 567: 567

Seeing Qiuling run off in excitement, Feng Wu grinned .

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Things would only get better from now on .

For everyone was making progress .

The cold night air cleared Feng Wu’s head a little, so she went back to the table and picked up the thirty-first book .

Feng Wu was currently reading books on the astronomical calendar; they were obscure, dry as dust, and difficult to comprehend .

But what could be more obscure and drier than formation theories? If that hadn’t stopped her, this was nothing .

Feng Wu went on reading as she told herself this in her head .

Feng Wu memorized all 60 books in a single night and was able to bring everything together and understand them thoroughly .

Chaoge, on the other hand, was still sleeping .

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Feng Wu rubbed her forehead . It seemed she really needed to figure out a way for the girl .

The following day .

Feng Wu and Chaoge jumped over the wall and landed in the manor next door .

“Miss Wu —”

Steward Fang was waiting by the wall and he gave Feng Wu a wry smile . “Miss Wu, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave . ”

“Huh?” Feng Wu looked at Steward Fang in bewilderment .

Smiling bitterly, Steward Fang told them about the incident with the Yao siblings the day before . He then said to Feng Wu, “My master said that starting from today, we won’t be receiving any guests, so —”

Feng Wu and Chaoge looked at each other . Seriously? The old man told them to come back today himself . How could he change his mind all of a sudden?

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“Cough —”

Grand Secretary Fang was taking a walk after breakfast and was headed this way when he saw Feng Wu and Chaoge jump over the wall .

He arrived just in time to hear Steward Fang’s words .

Grand Secretary Fang cleared his throat .

The old steward took the hint right away and cast a stern look at Steward Fang . “Miss Feng Wu and Miss Duan here aren’t guests . ”

Steward Fang was speechless .

Even Lady Mu and Princess Mu counted as guests, but not these two?

The Yao siblings had to leave to avoid arousing suspicion because they were candidates this year, but weren’t Miss Wu and Miss Duan candidates as well?

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That was kind of… discriminatory .

Inwardly, Steward Fang smiled bitterly and said a silent prayer for Princess Mu .

Grand Secretary Fang was a very strict tutor .

He stared at Feng Wu and Chaoge .

Seeing how refreshed and well-rested the two girls looked, Grand Secretary Fang was displeased .

“Have you read them all?” the old man said grimly .

“Yes, I’ve read and memorized them all,” Feng Wu said confidently . “Shall I put the 60 books back into the stack room?”

“Wait —” The old man’s face darkened . He then gestured at the table . “Put them here . ”

“Alright…” Feng Wu did as told .

Altogether, the stack of books was almost as tall as Grand Secretary Fang .

“You’ve memorized them all?” Grand Secretary Fang frowned .

“That’s right!” Feng Wu stuck out her chest .

Grand Secretary Fang frowned and looked even more displeased!

He didn’t mind dumbness or laziness in a student, but he wouldn’t accept lies, especially when one wouldn’t admit to it .

Picking up a book from the stack, Grand Secretary Fang opened it to a random page and read a line of the text . “Act in unison and like draws to like… Your turn . ”

He deliberately raised his voice at the end, which startled Chaoge and she almost jumped .

However, Feng Wu only stood there proudly with her hands behind her and her back ramrod straight . She recited in a loud, clear voice, “Water runs toward wet spots, fire ignites dry wood, dragons come with cloud, and tigers come with wind . Everything is after their own kind…”

Feng Wu went on reciting and Grand Secretary Fang didn’t stop her . Hence, Feng Wu kept going…

And before long, she had recited the next ten pages .

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