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Published at 20th of April 2020 02:35:12 PM
Chapter 566

Lady Mu said awkwardly, “… These two kids are Yao Hao and Yao Ying from the Yao family . They’re taking the exam for Imperial College this year and came to me for help . That’s why I brought them here to you…”

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Grand Secretary Fang knew perfectly well that this was a very lucrative favor for the Mu family . With what the Yao family had given them, if he didn’t give something substantial in return, the Yao family wouldn’t leave the matter at that . By then, he himself would be criticized .

The old man was anything but foolish . There was no way he would get himself into that .

Grand Secretary Fang was a proud old man who wouldn’t hesitate to turn people away if he didn’t like them . Hence, putting his hands behind his back, he raised his chin, then waved his hand . “I don’t teach . Please leave . ”

After that, he turned around and strolled off .

Steward Fang and the old steward mocked inwardly: “Weren’t you so enthusiastic about teaching Miss Feng Wu just then? Just admit it: you don’t like these people!”

Mu Yaoyao and Lady Mu had yet to recover from the first round of humiliation, and were humiliated once again .

“Father… I mean, Uncle…” Lady Mu could feel the strange looks the Yao siblings were giving her . She tried to follow Grand Secretary Fang inside to talk to him .

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But Grand Secretary Fang only waved her off . “Take all your things with you . Fang Yuan!”

“Yes —”

Steward Fang went to him in a hurry .

“Starting from today, I’m not receiving any guests . Close the front gate and don’t let anyone in . ” After leaving the instruction, Grand Secretary Fang went back inside .

Once Feng Wu and Chaoge were back at the Feng manor —

Feng Wu started reading right away .

Chaoge started reading with her, but she was precisely the Straight D student she was said to be . Before long, she started yawning until tears ran down her cheeks . She began to doze off…

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Her head nodded and nodded, then thump! Her forehead hit the table .

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

Feng Wu and Chaoge had taken 30 books each from the Fang manor .

Chaoge fell asleep before she finished the first page, but Feng Wu just kept on reading . Every time she finished a book, she would close her eyes and go through it in her head .

After making sure she had memorized it all, she started on the second book .

And the third one…

The fourth…

While Feng Wu was studying, the rest of her family were busy with their own things as well . Feng Xiaoqi, Uncle Qiu, and Qiuling were all cultivating .

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The beautiful lady was making a pretty dress for Feng Wu, her movements graceful, while Granny Zhao cooked for the entire family .

It was so relaxing and heartwarming .

Night set in .

The beautiful lady had long gone to bed to get her beauty sleep, but Feng Wu had just finished her thirtieth book .

She rubbed her forehead .

It had been a while since she last used her brain this much and she felt drained .

Rising to her feet, Feng Wu went out into the yard and walked around in circles . Looking up at the bright moon, she tried to soothe her aching head a little .

Just then, she heard a faint sound from a nearby room .

Wait —

It was from Qiuling’s room .

A moment later, Qiuling rushed out, took Feng Wu’s hand in excitement, and burst into tears .

“You’ve made a breakthrough?”

“Yes!” Qiuling cried and laughed at the same time . “Yes, I have .  Sob .  After so many years, I’ve finally made another breakthrough!”

Feng Wu smiled . “And you’re only just getting started . You’ll get better and better; this family is counting on you . ”

“I won’t let you down, Miss!” Qiuling felt a strong sense of duty now .

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