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Chapter 558

Back then, Feng Wu used to be so confused and had to ask her master the reason for her memorizing all those theories and techniques . She wasn’t going to have all of those attributes anyway .

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Her beautiful master told her that whether she had an attribute herself or not wasn’t relevant; it was about recognizing her opponents’ attributes and techniques . As the saying went: Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat .

Hence, her beautiful master had urged her to learn all the techniques by heart .

Back then, she had even talked to her master about making innovations to existing manuals .

She had only been five or six and knew too little to innovate anything . Her beautiful master, however, was a different story .

He was the man that could look down on the entire continent . He was like a god who stood on the clouds .

If he wanted, nothing on this continent could escape his eyes .

A casual comment on a practice manual could make men go wild with joy, or even create a grandmaster of a generation .

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Hence, Feng Wu was elated when she read the question for the fourth section . It was right up her alley .

She wrote down her answer without hesitation .

The fifth section was on auxiliary skills .

From a list of questions related to auxiliary skills, one had to choose two and make improvements .

The subjects covered formations, medicine refinement, sewing, smelting, and so forth .

Feng Wu was looking at an incomplete formation .

She soon saw that it was a medium level formation, which could be turned into an advanced level one with some minor alterations…

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Given her formation skills, Feng Wu solved the problem in no time .

The second question she chose was on medicine refinement, which she solved very quickly as well .

Whoosh –

Feng Wu didn’t linger on any of the questions . She answered those she could answer, and as for those she couldn’t, staring at them wouldn’t change anything .

After handing in the paper, Feng Wu turned around to look at Chaoge .

Feng Wu had at least answered part of the first few sections and had done well in the last section . But Chaoge…

Chaoge had chewed the end of her pen raw, but her paper remained blank .

Chaoge looked up and her face reminded Feng Wu of a poor, sad spiritual pet .

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Feng Wu rubbed her forehead .

Chaoge… had a lot of work to do .

After Feng Wu handed in her paper, Grand Secretary Fang began to correct it right away .

The first section totaled 50 points and Feng Wu scored 25 .

The second section required her to write from memory, but since Feng Wu wasn’t familiar with the text, she had left it blank, which meant she got a zero .

Grand Secretary Fang wrote a big, round zero on the paper with cinnabar . He then raised his head and gave Feng Wu a stern look .

Feng Wu felt ashamed and bit her lower lip involuntarily .

The third section was multiple choice questions .

The requirement was very strict . The answer was only correct when all correct option(s) and only the correct one(s) were selected .

There were ten questions in total and they could be on any subject .

The frown on Grand Secretary Fang’s face gradually eased as he read on .

Feng Wu had answered five out of the ten questions, and all five were correct . That was to say, as long as she knew the subject, she could get the correct answer .

The five unanswered ones were on subjects she didn’t know .

Out of the total 50 points, Feng Wu got 25 again .

Section four was short answer questions, and the candidate needed to elaborate on the theory, techniques, and innovations of the “Ice Everywhere” stance .

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