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Published at 17th of April 2020 10:25:17 AM
Chapter 557

He figured it out almost right away . “There’s another explanation for that incident, isn’t there?”

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By that incident, he obviously meant the one five years ago when Feng Wu lost her cultivation ability .

Feng Wu said, “Yes…”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . He now understood why the girl had to hide her real ability at the cost of all those insults and contempt .

It was incredible that she could be this level-headed at such a young age .

The old man liked Feng Wu even more .

“But,” said Feng Wu, “Xuan Yi doesn’t know about my recovery…”

Feng Wu didn’t finish the sentence, but Grand Secretary Fang knew what she meant .

He nodded . “Your top priority now is to prepare for the written exam . ”

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Grand Secretary Fang then asked the old steward to fetch a stack of exam papers, then had the servants transcribe two copies .

Meanwhile, Steward Fang was instructed by the old man to set up a couple of desks and chairs in the main hall .

The papers, which still smelled of fresh ink, were laid out .

Grand Secretary Fang casually sat down in the head seat and waved his hand . “Finish the papers in two hours . ”

Feng Wu and Chaoge looked at each other in bewilderment . Neither of them had studied the subjects or read the relevant books . The stack of papers was completely foreign to them .

Feng Wu picked up the first paper .

The first section was filling in the blanks .

A few characters were missing from a verse and one had to fill in the missing parts .

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Feng Wu was well-versed in books and could finish five out of the ten problems . Chaoge, on the other hand, was at a complete loss . She knew next to nothing about literary works .

Feng Wu looked up at Chaoge and shook her head with a wry smile .

Although there were only ten questions, they covered a very wide range .

The study of nature, history, cultivation theory, formations, medicine… you name it . If one wasn’t well-read enough, they wouldn’t even be able to understand the question . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

Poor little Chaoge…

Feng Wu then moved on to the second section .

One had to write something from memory .

And the subjects covered were just as diverse .

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There was a random paragraph taken from some book and the candidate had to write down the rest of the passage from memory .

One could only answer the question if they had memorized the passage . Even after reading the passage, they might not be able to write down everything . However, if one hadn’t even read it, then…

This was the case with the sentence Feng Wu was reading . “Courtesy is the standard by which intimacy and remoteness is determined . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded . Where was that sentence from? Although she had read a lot of books, she had never seen it before .

Because she didn’t know that sentence, she left the entire section blank .

The third section consisted of multiple choice questions .

“Write down the option(s) you deem correct in the bracket . The answer is only correct when it contains all the correct option(s) and only the correct one(s) . ”

Feng Wu read the questions, then rubbed her forehead .

They were incredible .

The subjects mentioned covered everything from astronomy and the universe, to medicine refinement… No subject was left out, and candidates who weren’t well-read enough would fail miserably in this section .

Section four was short answer questions .

The name of a practice manual was mentioned and the candidate needed to elaborate on the theory, techniques, and innovations .

The name of the manual on Feng Wu’s paper was “Ice Everywhere . ”

Ice Everywhere? Feng Wu was elated!

She didn’t have the ice attribute herself, but she had a peerless beautiful master who knew all the attributes and all professions .

Her beautiful master used to explain all the attributes and skills to her . With his encouragement, she memorized everything, even though she hadn’t understood most of it .

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