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Published at 14th of April 2020 02:20:13 PM
Chapter 551

Duan Chaoge had been wondering what her sister was going to show off, and she snorted when she heard Duan Chaoyin’s announcement . “So what if you’re taking the entrance exam for Imperial College?”

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“So what?” Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue exchanged looks and both saw ridicule in each other’s eyes .

“Did you think that you can become a student of Imperial College just by applying? Of all the candidates in the empire, only ten thousand people can take the written exam . The top one thousand can go on to the physical tryout, and only the top one hundred from the physical tryout will be admitted . Do you have any idea how hard it is to register for the exam?

“However, both of your two elder sisters here successfully registered . ” Duan Chaoyin gave Chaoge a sidelong glance . “Do you think that’s an easy thing to do?”

Chaoge rolled her eyes . “That’s it? You got registered for Imperial College’s exam? So did I! Big deal!”

“Hahahaha —”

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“Ouch, my belly aches —”

Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue laughed until their stomachs ached . Especially Duan Chaoyin, who laughed so hard that she had to gasp for air .

“Hahaha — Duan Chaoge, I didn’t know you could be so brazen . I never knew you had this side to you . You registered as well? Ouch, my belly… I’m cracking up here . ”

Duan Chaoyue, the more aloof one who didn’t talk much, couldn’t help but smirk . “Chaoge, did you forget the part of the rules where only a Level 9 Spiritual Master or above can take the exam?”

Chaoge rolled her eyes . “Of course I didn’t . ”

“Then stop bragging! Are you hearing yourself?” Duan Chaoyin snorted .

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Chaoge threw them a dirty look . “That’s the only way you know of to register for the exam? You people are so ignorant . ”

Duan Chaoyin racked her brain in order to prove that she wasn’t ignorant . She then remembered the exemption, which was rarely used .

“The three recommendation letters from three members of the education board? Is that what you’re talking about?” Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin exchanged looks .

“Yep!” Chaoge grinned .

“Hahahaha —”

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Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue burst out laughing again, even louder than before .

“My tears are coming out… Since when was Duan Chaoge so funny?”

“Can you believe what she just said? She has such a wild imagination… Does she take us for a pair of fools?”

“I’m telling the truth!” Chaoge snapped . “It’s true! The three members are Mr Lu, Grand Secretary Fang, and Old Master Wu . They wrote those recommendation letters for me!”

“Hahahaha —” Hearing those words, Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue, who had finally stopped laughing, guffawed again .

“This is hilarious . Gosh, I’m in tears…” Duan Chaoyin wiped away her tears . “I won’t even begin to talk about Mr Lu and Grand Secretary Fang . Old Master Wu himself is a well-known formation grandmaster in our empire . You can’t even get close to him . Who are you kidding?”

“I can’t, but Xiao Wu can!” Chaoge gloated . “Xiao Wu had the three bosses write the letters for us . ”

“Xiao Wu? Which Xiao Wu?”

“You mean Feng Wu? The one you used to follow everywhere?”

“Yes!” Chaoge was very confident every time Feng Wu was mentioned . “Xiao Wu is the best! Not only did she persuade Old Master Wu and Grand Secretary Fang, she even got help from Mr Lu as well . Oh, right, and there was His Royal Highness . He put in a good word for us, too —”

“Hahahaha —”

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